Digital Photography 101 Workshop – Part 1

Last Saturday, Pixaworks held a one day Photography 101 workshop in their office cum studio in PJ. I was invited as a host for the event and it was the first ever photography class that I have conducted. I was of course very happy with the invitation to teach at the workshop. I never really see myself as an “otai” or someone who is capable of teaching. I’m still in a learning process myself. There are more things that I need to learn. I have been a photographer for almost 7 years but I’ve been having that passion in photography since I was a child. All those years passed, I’m still learning. But the best thing about the photography workshop that I conducted the other day, as I was teaching, I am learning at the same time. It’s best to go back to basic once in a while.

Digital Photography 101 Workshop - Part 1

The basic class went well. As I have gathered, the participants were able to understand more about their camera functions and how to compose their framing for better picture taking. After the 2 hours of presentation and fundamental session, we adjourned outside for an outdoor hands-on photography session. One thing about me is that I love teaching and to share my knowledge with others because I know that when I teach, I will somehow learn something as well.

Digital Photography 101 Workshop - Part 1
Digital Photography 101 Workshop - Part 1
Digital Photography 101 Workshop - Part 1

These are some of the participants who attended the Photography 101 Workshop the other day. And by the way, we will be organising another basic photography class on the 15th September 2013. You may register yourself by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

I will also share my basic photography class lessons one at a time here in this blog when I have the time. I will go in depth for each subject and will try and explain the details as best I can. Stay tuned then.

Register for the next Digital Photography 101 Workshop -> I want to register!

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