Year: 2014

November Rain, December Fall

So many things happened these part few months for me. Most of the things are rather heart-breaking. I have not been able to blog recently.

Down and Out

The reason I was delaying some of my blog posts is because I was hospitalised because of my chest pain. At first I was suspected

Oppo Latest Launch: The N3 and R5

The long awaited launch of Oppo’s new rotating camera flagship phone is finally revealed with the launch of their latest head turner, the Oppo N3.

KLPF 2014 – Not What I Expected

Last month I had the time to head over to one of my favourite exhibition, the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2014 held at Mid

Let’s Try Out The Donut Selfie

Donut Selfie? People will wonder what that is. I wondered too but I found an article that explains about that and it made me realise

Lumia 935 Windows 10 First Render

I have been a huge fan of the Lumia series. I’m totally in-love with the Lumia 930 for its beautiful design and features. Although Windows

Thank You Line

A few weeks ago, Line (the Japanese chat app similar to WeChat) was giving out free McD vouchers to its users. What they did was

Sad Reality As A Freelance Artist

After watching this short animated video, I can very much relate to my life as a freelance digital artist/graphic designer/photographer. We (freelancers) spent countless hours

At The Edge With The New Galaxy Note

By now the public already know about the upcoming powerhouse in futuristic smartphone device, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Edge. With the powerful hardware specifications and