5 Reasons Why I Think Phone Casings Are Unnecessary

This may not be a subject for those who loves buying new phone covers or casings for their brand new smartphone, sometimes applies to old phones too. But by reading this, I bet you guys are wondering why I’m against using such “protection” for my smartphone. Actually, I don’t have anything against it. I just don’t find it a necessity for me to use one. It’s either that or because I’m using a rather rare brand of smartphone whereby it is very difficult for me to find a good phone cover/casing. In a nutshell, a casing is usually a hard plastic or silicon case that fits at the back of the phone, and a cover is usually a leather or PVC material case that covers the back and front of the phone. Also sometimes known as flip cover.


Sure, Samsung and iPhone users can have so many options because they are among the mainstream smartphone brands out there. Phone cover and casing makers are making loads of money from it. But they are only focusing on those mainstream brands and leaving out the others. Still, I prefer to leave my Lenovo S820 phone “naked” as how it is. Here are my 5 reasons why…

1. Bulky

Adding on a casing or a flip cover would definitely make my phone a whole lot bulkier. I usually carry my phone in my pocket, so having such protection would create a huge bulge in my pants. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right. In my pants’ pocket that is. If it’s a flip cover, don’t you think it feels awkward when the flip tends to flap around while you’re making a call? Maybe it’s just me. I don’t like it.

2. Don’t get to feel the real phone

bulkycaseErgonomics. What does that mean? It means design and form factor of a product. Why did Google/Motorola created a damn good ergonomic for the MotoX? So that people who uses the MotoX would feel comfortable when handling the phone. Yes, the MotoX has one of the best ergonomic design for a smartphone. So why would you want to slap a bulky casing/cover on it? It defeats the purpose right?

Imagine it in another way. Say you bought a new car, but you refuse to remove the plastic that covers the seat and other part of the interiors. Why? To protect the seat from smudges? But you rather do that than to have a comfortable cushion to sit on. Are you freakin’ retarded? Better off buying a new mattress to sleep on and not removing the plastic cover too. Comfy? I think not.

3. Hiding the phone’s real beauty

The new iPhone 5s is a real beauty isn’t it? Apple’s design team really spent a long time creating a product that is very appealing and pleasant in everyone’s eyes. But once purchased, people would almost immediately spoil it’s beauty by slapping on a back case or a flip cover on that poor thing. Might as well manufacturers just simply make a phone without a good design and hopefully a phone cover could beautify the end product. Less headache for the phone designers then.

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4. Obstructing

bulkycase2Some phone covers are so huge that it is obstructing your handling of the phone. True? I’ve seen some weird designs for a back casing such as bunny ears or having Shrek’s ears protruding out from the case. Not only it is pocket unfriendly, you may also poke an eye out from a person standing next to you while you’re trying to answer a call quickly. And those casings with lots of blings on it? Don’t get me started on that one.

Again, this may apply to the flip that flaps around during a call. Sending out text messages can be annoying too because the flip cover may get in your way. So yes, to me it is very obstructing.

5. Hard to find a good replacement

Let’s just say that you found the best case or flip cover that is not too bulky and has a good design. What happens when it broke or something? Can you find a suitable replacement for it? I had this problem while I was using a Blackberry some 3 years ago. Good back casing is so difficult to find. And I ended up buying more than I needed because there were so many options and designs to choose from. That was during the time before I realise that phone covers and casings are actually a nuisance.


After many years of experience using a smartphone, I finally made up my mind that I will not “dress” up my phone with any casings or covers. I know that most of us spent some good amount of money to save and buy a flagship smartphone that would cost about RM2,000 or more. I know that most of us want to avoid any scratches on our shiny new Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S or Xperia Z or whatever. But as it ages and no matter how careful you are, something can still happen.

A friend of mine has a leather flip cover for his S4 and the phone fell off his hand while taking it out of his pocket. Bulky case means obstruction, right? And even with the flip cover, the screen shattered. Everything else worked as before but he had to look at a broken glass every time he uses his phone. Like I said, anything can still happen no matter how careful you are.

I keep my Lenovo in my pocket all the time even when I sit down, when I eat, when I drive, when I’m in the LRT…almost all the time. I only take it out when I want to use it. And in my pocket, I don’t have anything else other than my phone. So I won’t have to worry about getting it scratched by coins or my house keys. And because my phone’s ergonomic is slim, I don’t have to worry about the bulkiness.

So those are the reasons why I think having a phone casing or cover is unnecessary. Do you have something else to add on to this? Or do you oppose my reasons? Leave a comment below then. Thanks for reading.

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