Google Newsstand to Replace Currents

Google Newsstand

Before I started using Feedly and Flipboard, I was using Google Currents as my news aggregator on my Android phone. Currents is very user friendly and very pleasant to look at. But that was before I found out about Feedly and Flipboard. Currents is good, but limited. So I abandoned it for the more powerful Feedly and also the more unique Flipboard.

Now, Currents is being replaced by Google’s newer news aggrerator called Newsstand, which I’ve been playing around with in the past few months. Just like Feedly, it is very easy to choose and select which news feed you wish to subscribe to, and reading on it’s big and clear text is very easy on the eyes. The loading time is pretty quick too. I can read more news in shorter time.


Those who have Currents installed on their Android phone can either delete or update it. After installing the update, launching the app will instead opens up the Newsstand app, and the Currents icon will quietly disappear from your app drawer. Google Newsstand is already made available since a few months back and usually comes recommended with Google+. Most of the newer Android phones comes with Google Newsstand pre-installed, like the Nexus 5 and Moto G.

However, I only use Newsstand on my old Galaxy Tab because that relic is a little bit slow. Newsstand works well with older and slower devices without any obvious lag, unlike Flipboard which uses more memory.

So, if you want to have a simple and good everyday use news aggregator, give the Newsstand a try. Anyway, what’s your favourite news aggregator?

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