Xiaomi Mi3 – Sample Video From Mi3 Camera

I have done the review for Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI based Android smartphone last week and I loved it. I especially love the camera on this particular device and I think it’s really a good bargain.

Yes, I think I did provide many good comments about the camera’s quality but I only shared the still photos. Here I want to share how the video quality is like with the Xiaomi Mi3. I don’t think you will be disappointed although I know that it won’t be as great as the video from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I have to admit, Note 3 is the best for creating videos from a mobile device.

Anyway, here are two sample videos for you.

One was taken inside Pavilion KL to show the example on low light.

Another one was taken outdoors along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Under bright conditions, the video quality is obviously much better.


It has it’s pros and cons. But given that the price of the Mi3 is relatively cheap, it still managed to produce some good quality videos. Taking normal still photos is great, but taking video is a different task altogether. Having said that, the Xiaomi Mi3 still managed to capture good high quality videos both indoors and outdoors.

How do you like it? Let me know in the comment.


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  1. Adibmushi

    Nak tanya. Dia punya video save dalam format apa eh? Contoh dalam 3gp ke mp4 ke. Boleh bagitahu tak. Tq.

  2. Adibmushi

    Nak tanya. Dia punya video save dalam format apa eh? Contoh 3gp ke mp4. Boleh bgtau tak. Tq.

    1. K. Azwan

      Video dia save dalam format MP4. Yang ni full HD 1080p video.

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