Down and Out

The reason I was delaying some of my blog posts is because I was hospitalised because of my chest pain. At first I was suspected of a mild heart attack which in turn means “Angina“. Yes. My heart was not feeling good at all and I suffered a minor chest pain and difficulties of breathing at one point.

All happened when I was driving home in my colleague’s car. The sudden chest pain and breathing problem caused me to stop by the side of the road. Then I asked my colleague to take over the wheel and send me straight to the nearest hospital, University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

It was rather havoc at that time. With traffic jams everywhere, I don’t know whether I can get to the hospital on time. But I know a few shortcuts that we can avoid most of the jams along the way. True enough, we managed to get to the hospital within less than 10 minutes. Upon arrival, I was put on a stretcher and the emergency team pushed me straight to the ER.

I was in stable condition. I felt better when the doctor gave me GTN to ease the blood flow. In the end, I was admitted to the cardiology ward for a total of 5 days.

Good news came about a few days after I’ve been warded when the doctor did a stress test to see if there’s any blockage in my arteries. From the test results, they have concluded that my heart is actually fine. No blockage or whatsoever. So what caused the pain? More results came about and the doctors felt that it may be a case of Pericarditis instead.

The symptoms for Pericarditis is exactly the same as Angina or mild heart attack. I was relieved nonetheless to learn that Pericarditis is treatable.

I was discharged from the hospital after the 5th day feeling grateful and knowing that I will be fine. Alhamdulillah.

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Note to self (and to my readers): Please take care of your health and start eating healthy. You only have one heart, use it well. In my case, I’m thankful that it’s nothing major.

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