Ramadhan and Long Absence


First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends a Happy Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

I know I have not been able to blog for a long time due to my ongoing new business that I’m addicted to at the moment. Not that I will completely stop blogging but when I do have some free time, I will definitely add an entry here just like what I’m doing right now.

This won’t be a long post. This is just an update to let my readers know why I haven’t been blogging these past few months. Establishing a new business can be tedious and it took tons of my time away but it is worth it. I have been planning this for the longest time and only recently I am able to lift it off the ground. But of course my passion for blogging never fade away.

I do have a couple of phone reviews to publish soon. I’m currently reviewing the new Microsoft Lumia 640 and another one coming up soon which is the LG G4. Be sure to check back here in near future for my reviews on the said devices.

Meanwhile, there will also be more reviews and product introductions in my Vape On category. This category will be based on anything about vaping. I wish to educate some of the non-believers about electronic cigarettes where some people are looking at it as having a negative impact on health issues. Truth be told, vaping is way more safer than smoking the regular cigarette. So check out my Vape On category to learn more about the benefits of vaping.

Until my next post (whenever that will be), do come back to this site regularly to check on my updates. Again, salam Ramadhan to all. Eid Mubarak!

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