Love Food Photography? Foodie App Is For You

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I know there are many foodies out there who love taking photos of their food before munching on. I’m sure they would have a few photo editing apps installed in their phones to enhance the photos making it more presentable. Instagram, VSCO and Snapseed are among the favourites. Now what if you have an app made especially for food photography? Foodie camera app is exactly what you’re looking for.


I have this app installed on my phone for a few weeks now. I was testing it to see how good the app is. Well, after those few weeks all I can say is…not bad. Don’t get me wrong. When I say not bad, I don’t mean it’s not great. It does have a few advantages over using a photo editing app. All the enhancements are at your disposal on the main camera screen. All you have to do is choose your enhancement and snap away. Of course, if you find that the enhancement that you’ve selected is not suitable, you can always change it later.

Also, the Foodie app is easy to use. Most of the enhancements are beautifully done to give that extra oomph. I first found out about Foodie from Instagram sponsored ad (kinda ironic). And I went about reading it and gave it a try immediately. Not only you can take good photos of your food, you can also take great outdoor photos too. Most of the effects are similar to VSCO, another photography app that I liked.

Foodie is made by a known famous Japanese company, LINE Corporation. As you all know, LINE is also a famous chatting app, primarily used by most Asians.

Some of the features are:
+ Over 26 filters customized for taking food photos
+ Amazing photo editing features that transform simple food photos into one-of-a-kind masterpieces
+ Camera shot angle based auto blurring effect
+ Smart guide feature that helps you photograph food from directly above it
+ Share photos to social networks

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Here are some photos that I took using the Foodie app with the built in enhancements. Unedited, straight from my phone.

Sample shot 1
Sample shot 2
Sample shot 3
Sample shot 4

So, if you’re thinking of food photography, think of Foodie app. Give it a try. Some of you may like it, some may not and some would still prefer to edit their own photos using other photo editing app. But as for me, I would totally use it to take photos of my food.

My overall ratings: 7/10

Available on both Android and IOS.

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