Canon EOS 1D X Mark II Media Launch

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Earlier today, I was at the Canon media launch event at Hilton Kuala Lumpur for the launching of their latest photography products. The main event was the launching of the brand new Canon EOS 1D X Mark II, dubbed as the King of EOS. Yes, I believe that statement.

Before we get to that point, I’ll write about the event first before drilling down to the main product.

Today’s launch was not just about the King of EOS. Canon also announced their latest compact cameras like the Ixus and PowerShot series as well as their latest compact Selphy printer. Not forgetting, the new 1300D and 80D were also introduced at the launch.

Opening note by Mr Wataru Nishioka

The event went full swing at around 10.30am starting with the welcome speech by Mr Wataru Nishioka, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia.

We at Canon have always been passionately committed to bringing innovation to our product lines. – Mr Wataru Nishioka

With that being said, Canon has achieved many milestones as a market leader in the digital imaging industry, one of them being the number one brand for 13 consecutive years in terms of volume within the interchangeable lens digital camera market.

EOS 80D and 1300D
1300D on the left, 80D on the right

Other than the beasty EOS 1D X Mark II, Canon also introduced their new mid level and entry level DSLR cameras, the 80D and 1300D. The new Canon EOS 80D empowers DSLR users to create images and movies that comes alive. Significant enhancement has been done to the auto focus, ISO and sensor technology enabling it to deliver captivating images and movies. As for the EOS 1300D, it provides an avenue to journey into photography for new DSLR users. Powered by DIGIC 4+ image processor and 18 megapixel APS-C sensor, the 1300D renders higher resolution images with lesser noise.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

Now for the PowerShot series, Canon has also announced a few new models during the event. But the one that caught my attention was the PowerShot G7 X Mark II. Seem that most of the new models released by Canon has the “Mark II” name nowadays. Anyway, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a premium compact camera. It is capable of rendering a superb image quality even coming from a small form factor. I have loved the previous PowerShot G series and this is much more phenomenal. If I were to buy a compact premium camera, my choice will be this new PowerShot G7 X Mark II.

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Selphy CP1200
Lightweight Selphy Printers

Apart from cameras, Canon also announced their new compact sized printer. The Selphy CP1200 is made as a great companion for preserving memories on-the-go with beautiful and high quality prints. The Selphy CP1200 uses dye sublimation technology, a special coating that protects each prints againts splashes, spills and fading for up to 100 years when properly stored in an album.

Now here’s the write-up for the King of EOS, Canon 1D X Mark II.

I don’t have anything much to say about this camera. Just a big WOW would be sufficient. Recommended retail price at RM25,299.00 (body only), the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II is built on a heritage of innovation and boasting major improvements across the board. The King of EOS establishes a new benchmark for speed and autofocus – perfect for high-speed precision shooting scenarios typical to journalism, sports and wildlife photography.

EOS 1D X Mark II
The new monster, EOS 1D X Mark II

I don’t want to go into the full details because it’s just too many good stuffs. This camera (and the EOS 80D) is slowly turning me into the light side. I’m a Nikon user. Hence why I’m currently on the dark side. But Canon is slowly turning my back away from my comfort gear. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don’t have enough money to make that switch.

The event then closed off by the announcement for the mini contest winner and the lucky draw winner. I knew it very well that I will never win anything for the lucky draw that I didn’t bother to stay at my seat towards the end of the launching ceremony (but I didn’t leave the ballroom la).

Attendees were then adjourned to the dining area for some awesome lunch.

For more info, head over to

More event photos:

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