Tantalizing Thai Buffet Awaits You This Ramadhan

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My buddy and I got the invitation to attend a blogger’s food review session at Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine in KLCC recently. The event starts at 7pm so we both braved the traffic jam and rush hour to make it on time traveling from Subang Jaya all the way to KL.

Chakri Palace KLCC
Welcome to Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine

Chakri Palace will be serving their specialties this coming Ramadhan for buka puasa, buffet style. So what I’m going to do today is to do a review of their specialties that I had the honour of savouring. First of all, they will be having 6 sections of buffet area – appetizers, salad, main course, live station, dessert and drinks. Secondly, they will have 3 types of menu on different days. For instance, we had the Menu #1 which will be served every Monday and Tuesday, then there’s Menu #2 which will be served every Wednesday and Thursday and finally there’s Menu #3 to be served every Friday to Sunday. The biggest difference between each menus is obviously the main course dishes. So the review today will be about Menu #1.

Chakri Palace KLCC Interior
Buffet area

Let’s go over some of the dishes that I’ve tried and what I honestly think of it.

Chicken Kapitan – Taste good and flavourful, fragrant aroma with the taste of lemongrass. I love this dish. Among the best in the spread.

Stir Fried Beancurd with Basil Leaves – Also cooked with minced chicken meat. The basil is very fragrant and the beancurd taste awesome. I think they were using local basil leaves because the Thai basil leaf has more “twang” in it. But it’s good nonetheless.

Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce – Probably slightly overcooked because I can taste the slight burned taste in the meat. Black pepper sauce is not bad.

Massaman Beef – I love this one! I couldn’t make out the taste at first but I think the sauce has peanuts in it. The thick sauce goes really well with the beef. The best of the lot.

Prawn with Butter Sauce – Prawn was fried perfectly. But the butter was too oily and wet, making the prawn a little bit soggy. Too salty for me.

Briyani Rice – I’ll skip this one. Unless they do something about it. Why? It was tasteless and dry.

Fried Mee Hoon – I’ll skip this one too. Taste just like the one you tapau from the makcik jual nasi lemak in the morning.

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Steam Fish with Lime and Chili – One of the best. It is quite spicy in terms of hotness. Need to be a little bit more sour, and how the Thais would take it.

Tomyam (Red soup) – Good taste and spicy. But there was a little bit bitter at the end taste, right after you swallow the soup. Not bad but can be better.

Tomyam (White soup) – It was fragrant, tasty and mild in hotness. But there was something off…

Glass Noodle with Seafood Salad – Soft and spicy. Tangy taste and would be a solid starter.

Beef Satay – Average taste but it’s okay. A little bit hard, maybe it’s because they grill it instead of BBQ it.

Chicken Satay – Better than the beef. Soft and juicy. Still average taste. On the side note, the peanut sauce was not bad.

Mango Sticky Rice – One of the version is green in colour because they added the pandan in. Taste good and fragrant. The normal white version taste like normal pulut. But the coconut milk was thick and good. The mango? Sweet and savoury.

Red Ruby – My favourite dessert with jackfruit added in. Yummy as hell. Nuff said.

That’s it. That was all that I managed to try during the food review before I got too full. To down it all, they also serve teh tarik or coffee. The above comments about the dishes are from my honest opinion. Others may not have the same opinion as I am. Some may like those that I don’t like, and some may not like what I like.

Anyhow, Chakri Palace has a special Ramadhan offer coming up. They will have an early bird discount of RM20nett when you book online at berbuka.chakri.com.my from 10th May to 9th June 2016. Also for walk-ins during Ramadhan, you’re entitled for a 5+1 dining whereby you only pay for 5 person and the other one eats for free.

Prices for Ramadhan buffet are different between Chakri Palace KLCC and Chakri Palace Pavilion. Both are priced at RM91.90 (RM47.90 for senior citizen and children) and RM79.90 (RM39.90 for senior citizen and children) respectively.

For more info, head over to www.chakri.com.my

Photos of the lovely dishes:

[gmedia id=25]

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