WhatsApp is Preparing Video Call for Beta Users

WhatsApp call functions
WhatsApp call functions

Recently, a beta version of WhatsApp was released that comes with a video call function. We already have video call functions on WeChat and Line for a long time now but now we are seeing that WhatsApp is getting on the bandwagon very soon.

For the last 6 months since December 2015, WhatsApp developers has been developing the video call function for WhatsApp. Now we are starting to see some updates on the WhatsApp app that some may see a video call option when they press the call button. Some websites have reported that some users were able to initiate the video call but no such proof were shown. But that function has been removed in the latest update temporarily until they have finalized the reliability of the video call.

But some beta testers will be getting a new update to test out the video call. We can now confirm that they will start rolling out to the masses and soon we will be able to make calls and video calls on WhatsApp.

Now I have some comment on the voice call. Most of the time here in Malaysia we will have slow network connection on our phones. Even the 4G LTE is slow at times. A friend of mine prefers to make calls using WhatsApp because most of his contacts are on WhatsApp and it is the most popular chat app in Malaysia. But there will be a few seconds delay when calling using WhatsApp as opposed to others like WeChat or Line. In the first few seconds, we will notice a lag in hearing the person on the other side. But after 10 to 15 seconds, the line goes stable.

Now what about video call on WhatsApp gonna be like? Will it have the same lag? We shall wait and see until they launch the video call function…soon.

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