My 8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8

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The Huawei P9 was launched recently with a dual camera system by Leica. And then a few weeks after that, Huawei once again revealed to the world with another dual camera system smartphone, the Honor 8. Although it doesn’t come with a Leica lens and brand, the camera still functions phenomenally.

I have been a big fan of Huawei since the Honor 3 series. And then I got myself a Huawei G8 which I love and still use today. Huawei is definitely picking up their pace in the smartphone market. So other companies should beware because they are making awesome phones nowadays.


Their latest mid-range (I honestly think it should be among the flagship) smartphone is the Huawei Honor 8. It has a beautiful glass at the back that reflects like a prism creating different tones in different lighting conditions. Beautiful construction and similar to their latest flagship Huawei P9. That’s not all. It looks and feels premium. No other mid-range smartphone can match the beauty of Honor 8…yet.

Now let’s see the 8 reasons to get your hands on the new Honor 8. And I’m going to describe the reasons in a layman term so that most of you can really get what I’m saying.

#1 – Future proof

Why? Because the specifications in this beauty is meant to last you a very long time. You got the fingerprint reader, check. Dual camera, check. High-end processing power, check. Generous RAM, check. Basically, the Honor 8 can last you a long time.

#2 – Bring in the sexy back

Oh yeah. We all love to check out the back of any, errmm…items right? The Honor 8 comes with freakin’ 15 layers of glass at the back of the phone which Huawei says has 3D grating and lithography, whatever that means. It is fitted perfectly with a curved edge that seamlessly blends with the body so that the back matches the front display. One word, sexy!


#3 – Dual camera

Just like the P9, the Honor 8 also comes with a dual camera. What it does is that the lenses will snap two photos at the same time creating a sort of depth in the photos. You can also adjust the aperture in the software to have that “bokeh” effect. Result is, more punchier and better photo exposures. Photographers like me would love this. And you can leave your heavy and bulky DSLR at home.

#4 – Fingerprint reader

It will make it a lot easier to unlock your phone within 0.4 seconds. Touch the reader and you’re in. Huawei has been known to have a reliable fingerprint reader on their mobile devices. My G8 never fails me. And it is extremely accurate even to the lightest touch. You can even touch the reader upside down, downside up or whichever side you fancy. It just works.

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#5 – IR Blaster

Many don’t know this but the Honor 8 has an infrared blaster at the top of the phone. That means you can control as many as 230,000 types of known appliances for your home. You can change the TV channel, bump up the volume on the home theater system, turn on the AC unit and maybe warm up last nights’ pizza in the oven. This will come in handy especially if you’re always in a fight for the remote control with your siblings or spouse.


I mean, you don’t need to shout anymore whenever you’re in a noisy place. The noise cancelling feature coupled with high-gain microphone while on call will ease your vocal cord. No more shouting or covering the microphone area with your other hand. So your other hand is free to do something else.

#7 – All day power

With 3000mAh battery built in, you can have all the power you need all day long. Trust me, I know. My G8 got a full charge in the morning and by 8pm, I still have 40% of power left. That is considered a lot. Plus, the Honor 8 comes with a quick charge that you can plug it in to a charger for fast charging, from zero to 50% in 30 minutes.

#8 – Affordable premium

Finally, you don’t need to break your piggy bank to for a premium head turner. Although the Honor 8 is targeted for mid-range users, I personally think of it as a premium device. You can know how premium it is just by looking at it, let alone when you get to touch it. It’s beautiful, sexy and comes in 4 colours.

Honor 8

Now you have my 8 reasons to get an Honor 8. To me as a tech geek and writer, I love the specifications for this device and mostly on the look of it. Everything is beautifully sophisticated with the Honor 8. I’m not buttering up with good words for Huawei here. I’m just being honest. Truthfully, it’s a beautiful phone.

Interested on checking out more? Get to know more about Huawei Honor 8.

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