5 Apps to Help You Save Money on Food

You won’t have to skimp on your meals or tighten your belt to save money. Check out these 5 free apps that will help you save money when you dine out or shop for groceries.

SmartShopper Malaysia

Use this app to help you save money when buying groceries and household items. It works by helping you find the lowest price for a food item and which shop to buy it from. It’s simple to use too, just find the item you want to buy from the categories section or the search bar. You will then be able to compare the price per unit and this will help you to get even more value and savings.

You can even create a shopping list within this app. Another helpful feature is the widget, which lets you create a product watch list so you can monitor price changes easily and be in the know when your favourite item is currently on sale.

This app will also give you access to e-vouchers so you can enjoy even more savings. As of now, SmartShopper tracks and compares prices for items from Giant, Tesco, Aeon, Cold Storage, Mydin, Econsave, The Store, Watsons, Guardian, Caring and more.

Visit the site: SmartShopper


You can save money even if you enjoy eating out, thanks to this app. The way it works is that Offpeak has a list of participating restaurants and cafes that are offering discounts of up to 50% off, but you will have to book with Offpeak to enjoy the discounts.

Browse from the selection of eateries, then choose your preferred restaurant and select the dining time to make a booking. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation for your booking. Remember to show your e-mail confirmation at the restaurant when you are dining and you will get discount on your total bill.

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Visit the site: Offpeak


If you’re looking for vouchers and deals for groceries and when eating out, this is your go-to app. You will get to enjoy savings in the form of cashbacks. For food related savings MilkaDeal currently collaborates with Happy Fresh, Amazin’ Grace and MakanDeal.

You can cash out the cashback savings from your MilkaDeal account when you have collected RM10 or more confirmed cashback. The cash will be credited into your bank account within 7 working days.

Visit the site: MilkaDeal


Here’s another dining deal app you can use on days you want to eat out for a nice meal without having to break your budget. Just search for the type of food your in the mood for, whether its steak, sushi, pasta or more. Then select a deal to purchase it and show the deal you’ve purchased at the eatery to enjoy the savings!

Visit the site: MakanDeal


Last but not least, all you foodies can rejoice with this app that will get you excess to exclusive dining promotions. Aside from savings, you will also be the first to know of latest restaurant updates, special menus and events. This app will help you locate, provide reviews and reserve a table. All you need to do to enjoy the deals and use the features in the app is to create a free account.

Visit the site: TableApp

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