Dispose Your Old Computer and Make Some Cash with UsedComputer Malaysia

Do you have any old computers lying around your house or your office? Don’t know where to sell them to or how to dispose all your computer and electronics? Guess what? You can now start selling your unwanted computer, peripherals and other electronic items at UsedComputer Malaysia.

IPC Shopping Centre Does Recycling & Buy-Back Centre Initiative

Okay. I shall give you a simple run down on how to go about and start selling your old computers. Let’s say you have a bunch of old laptops lying around in the office. Those laptops are too old to be used but still fully functioning and at the same time, your finance department has approved on purchasing new laptops for your office. So what can you do with the old laptops? Easy! Just head over to UsedComputer Malaysia and book a collection service from their website. It’s that simple.

IPC Shopping Centre Does Recycling & Buy-Back Centre InitiativeOnce you’ve made your booking, a representative from the company will come to your office to pick up the items and you’ll get your cash immediately. If you don’t have an internet connection to make the booking, you can also give them a call at their hotline at 03-3101 4955 anytime of the day during working hours.

Do you have to pay for the pick-up and for their services? No! Everything is free, including the collection and packing of your used computers or peripherals. Instead, you will get paid for selling your items. Cool? Yes.

Now what if your old computer or peripherals are spoilt and broken? Can those be sold too? The answer to that is, YES. Even a cracked monitor or LCD screens are accepted as well. So you don’t have to simply dispose it off at a dumpster but instead sell it off to UsedComputer Malaysia. This way, nothing is ever wasted.

IPC Shopping Centre Does Recycling & Buy-Back Centre Initiative

On the side note, if your company or NGOs or universities or schools or perhaps a simple neighbourhood gathering wants to organise a recycling day or e-Waste day for the good of the environment, you can call up UsedComputer Malaysia to be at your event to buy off your unwanted electronic items. I feel that this is a good idea to provide awareness to the masses about keeping our environment free of electronic waste. Improper disposal of any electronic waste can be hazardous to our environment and sometimes it can be poisonous too.

I do have a few old computers around in my house and I will definitely check out their services and earn some quick bucks. There is no easier way to earn some quick cash just by selling off your old stuffs. One thing for sure, I’m happy that I found the UsedComputer Malaysia website recently.

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Here’s a little detail about UsedComputer Malaysia

Established in 2001, Usedcomputer Malaysia is proud to possess an impressive array of clientele ranging from the various sectors of the Governmental Departments, Government – Linked Companies, Multi-National Corporations, Institutions and other entities.

Usedcomputer Malaysia is an appointed contractor of the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) or Jabatan Alam Sekitar Malaysia bearing the Code SW110 for the proper recycling of Electronic Waste or E-Waste.

To know more on how you can sell your unwanted electronic items, click on the links below…

Website: http://usedcomputer.com.my
Facebook: UsedComputer Malaysia

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Jensen C

    they quote me for my laptop only RM 12.00?! LOL

  2. Puvana


    We have the following items to recycle.

    1) Servers,
    2) Switches
    3) Telepresence equipment
    4) Scanner
    5) Printers

    Can you send us a quote for this.

  3. Nadiah

    I have dell Inspiron 11.6 notebook. The notebook is working fine but the performance is slow when I rarely used it and when I used it frequently, it works just fine. I bought the notebook in 2016 so it’s relatively new. Can you quote me the price ?

  4. Romania

    I just filled up their form for getting cash for my items…

    4 monitors
    1 printer
    1 handphone
    1 tablet

    Guess hiw much they want to pay me..?

    RM6.00 what a joke! Ridiculous!!!

    1. K. Azwan

      What? Seriously? I know they do buy used computers from others but to pay such low amount, I had no idea. That’s really sad.

  5. Tang

    Wow, luckily i saw the comment, planned to trade in with this company. Wow the trade in value ranges from rm6 fo rm12 only for laptop, monitors etc… Omg
    I might as well just dismantle my laptop and PC to sell the RAM, hard disk, mouse, and other electronics to PC shop. What a joke

    1. Creative Mojo

      It is a joke. Although I posted this article, I feel that the price is way too low. Feel like deleting this post.

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