Have You Ever Been to Concerts of Your Favourite Bands?

Concert Goers Basics

Have you ever been to concerts of your favourite bands/singers? If you answer yes to that, I bet it must have been a great experience. Come on! Singing along with them playing live instead of singing along to their CD playing in your car? That is PRICELESS.

I’ve attended a couple of concerts be it by local artists/non locals and have also attended music festivals but all was here in Malaysia. Well, I did attend one in the UK but that’s a story for another day. Just recently, (like a few days back) I watched Coldplay performed live in Bangkok, Thailand. So I grab my passport, my backpack, my puffy blanket and my closest friends along for this trip!

Have You Ever Been to Concerts of Your Favourite Bands?

This trip would mark my second trip to Bangkok and I was looking forward mainly for Coldplay (but of course!). Then of course, it was the company – an all-girls trip, my girlfriends from college/high school years are all meeting up in Bangkok to have endless time of fun over food and whatever Bangkok can offer (and what we are willing to do).

Anyway, fast forward to the concert day itself – here’s a few tips you should consider when you attend a concert outside your home ground (I think this applies even to attending one at your own home ground)

1. Be courteous

You are not just representing yourself but also your country. Language may be a barrier but not your character. Say excuse me if you need to pass some of them along the way and refrain from pushing. You will get dagger like stares when you say excuse me, just because you want to go in-front or pass other concert goers .

However, a simple excuse me and a sweet smile soften those daggers. Trust me. But if you choose to push and act like you do not care, you’re just expecting lots of trouble and comment about how rude of a Malaysian you are/or whichever country you come from. Just don’t push.

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Have You Ever Been to Concerts of Your Favourite Bands?

2. Drink water

Bangkok was hot so make sure you have enough water so you do not get dehydrated. And while you are at it, know where the toilet is to ensure you do not get lost. Do not want to go to the toilet? Well, just move a lot during concert, sway your body, jump and dance so you sweat it out. I did that. It works.

So check out the weather of the country you are going to for the concert. If it is hot at that time of the year, be prepared. If it is cooler, be prepared.

3. Keep clean

Bear in mind you will sweat when you attend open concerts and so will others. I don’t expect you to spray a bottle of perfume onto yourself but if you have BO problem, just try to minimize it. I don’t mind the smell of sweat like you just came out of the gym but not BO. If the weather is super-hot, ensure you are in proper clothing to beat the heat – but be respectful. Other than keeping yourself clean, please, please keep the ground of the concert clean.

Yes, there are workers to clean the place after the concert but it is not so hard to ensure you throw your bottles/rubbish into the bin. If there is no bin in sight, put it in your bag. We hate litter bugs. Again, you are representing your country here. If you have no time to keep other people’s country clean, you are showing we come from a country that believes rubbish is the way of life.

Finally, Have LOADS of fun. Memorise the songs, sing along. Cry or laugh along.

Have You Ever Been to Concerts of Your Favourite Bands?

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