Which Malaysian Telcos Offer The Best Value On Postpaid Plan?

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Looking for a new postpaid plan? We’ve got you covered. In order to find the best deal for you, we have done a broad postpaid plan comparison in Malaysia. Depending on what type of user you are, we have listed the plans with the most value for you here.

Looking for a plan on a budget? Take a look at the table below to see the top 10 cheapest postpaid plans in Malaysia:

Rank Provider Postpaid plan Monthly rate GB included
1 U-Mobile U-Mobile U28 RM28 3GB
2 Celcom FIRST blue RM45 4GB
3 yes Yes Postpaid 48 RM48 10GB
4 U-Mobile U-mobile P50 RM50 5GB
5 Digi Digi postpaid 50 RM50 10GB
6 yes Yes Postpaid 68 RM68 16GB
7 U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 RM70 15GB
8 Yes Yes Postpaid 78 RM78 20GB
9 Digi Digi postpaid 80 RM80 20GB
10 Celcom FIRST gold RM80 20GB

Got a little more money to spend? Here are the top 10 postpaid plans with the most data:

Rank Provider Postpaid Plan GB included Monthly rate
1 Celcom First Platinum 60GB RM150
2 Maxis Maxisone plan 188 50GB RM188
3 Yes Yes Postpaid 158 46GB RM158
4 Celcom First gold plus 40GB RM98
5 Maxis Maxisone plan 158 40GB RM158
6 Yes Yes Postpaid 128 38GB RM128
7 U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 30GB RM98
8 Maxis Maxisone plan 128 30GB RM128
9 Digi Digi postpaid 110 25GB RM110
10 Yes Yes Postpaid 88 24GB RM88

You’ve seen the cheapest plans and the plans with the most data, but which plans are actually the cheapest per GB? We’ve listed the 10 Postpaid plans with the best price to data ratio for you here:

Rank Provider Postpaid Plan Price to GB ratio GB included Monthly rate
1 Celcom First gold plus 2.45 40GB RM98
2 Celcom First Platinum 2.50 60GB RM150
3 U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 3.27 30GB RM98
4 Yes Yes Postpaid 128 3.37 38GB RM128
5 Yes Yes Postpaid 158 3.43 46GB RM158
6 Yes Yes Postpaid 88 3.67 24GB RM88
7 Maxis Maxisone plan 188 3.76 50GB RM188
8 Yes Yes Postpaid 78 3.90 20GB RM78
9 Maxis Maxisone plan 158 3.95 40GB RM158
10 Digi Digi postpaid 80 4.00 20GB RM80
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Don’t really care much for data? Check below to see all Postpaid plans with unlimited calls:

Provider Postpaid Plan Calls Data Price
Maxis Maxisone plan 188 unlimited calls & SMS 50GB RM188
Maxis Maxisone plan 158 unlimited calls & SMS 40GB RM158
Maxis Maxisone plan 128 unlimited calls & SMS 30GB RM128
Maxis Maxisone plan 98 unlimited calls & SMS 20GB RM98
Celcom First Platinum unlimited calls & SMS 60GB RM150
Celcom FIRST gold unlimited calls 20GB RM80
Celcom First gold plus unlimited calls 40GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 unlimited calls 5GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 unlimited calls 3GB RM70

Lastly, we’ve listed all Postpaid plans with high entertainment value:

Provider Postpaid Plan Entertainment Data Monthly rate
Celcom First Platinum unlimited access to Iflix for 12 months 60GB RM150
Celcom First gold plus free Yonder music 40GB RM98
Celcom FIRST gold free Yonder music 20GB RM80
U-Mobile U-Mobile P98 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 30GB RM98
U-Mobile U-Mobile P70 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 15GB RM70
U-Mobile U-mobile P50 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 5GB RM50
U-Mobile U-Mobile U28 Unlimited Music ONZ / App ONZ 3GB RM28
Celcom FIRST blue unlimited music 4GB RM45

We hope that this article can help you find a postpaid plan that suits your needs. Use the tables above to find the best mobile internet plans in Malaysia. If a Postpaid plan is not for you, check out this article to find the best prepaid plans in Malaysia.

For more ways to save money and a complete overview of comparisons from broadband to financial products, visit CompareHero.my today!

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Amir Azman

    Wow, nice. I can compare all kind of package in one article. Really help me out. But if you may, can you embed linked to the detail of each package. Sure will give thumb up!

  2. Elaine Mok

    Anyone using prepaid? I’m a prepaid user and wish to change telco soon. I need recommend

    1. soffy

      recommend xpax coz last time my bro sign up with xpax kaw2, quite suitable for him as he no needs too much of data and he living in a hostel. are u heavy user?coz prepaid suitable for the light user only..

      1. Pave

        my bro using xpax too. the line is strong and the plan works good. you may search more about xpax

      2. i think xpax punya coverage not so good la. got see many celcom use complain internet slow la data so less la. but i dunno la. i use umobile line ok je

      3. i think xpax line not so good la. got see so many people complain also abt celcom coverage. but dunno la. i use umobile. line always ok je. got many benefits sumore.

        1. Jeff Chin

          Look like celcom postpaid have better offer?! But I prefer prepaid, any benefits for xpax given? dont knw is it will better like postpaid…??

          1. Pave

            normally postpaid plan provide more benefits to user since now very less ppl using prepaid ady. my bro used quite long time ady and he said the data quite many

      4. Elaine Mok

        Actually 1 month 5gb for me is enough, cause I seldom use my phone to watch movie cause the screen abit small,,,and most of the time I’m using facebook so…I can consider Xpax, maybe, Thanks for the suggestion

    2. leleh

      hmmm prefer telco that better coverage.price in second place.what prepaid plan u using now?why want to change?if u share it may be easy to people to suggest cos if not maybe others will suggest same as u using right now.

    3. milly jan

      before u change to any telco,make sure check ur area coverage also.no point if u just looking for telco but end up the u got bad cverage.better looking for telco that wider covrge

      1. shazyn

        true. maxis got wide coverage. most area got no coverage problem. before this i use celcom always got no coverage but now change maxis everywhere i go line coverage no prob.

        1. meggy

          green telco very expensive.last time think about bundle device, not affordable weyh !even their cheapest plan i think better I get new other androids with the same price.lol.blue 1 not bad coz my mom use it for long time edy,hmmmm can accept la.

          1. Kalefeh

            they do have their competitve advantage for why being so expensive.. like maxi is reasonable for being expensive.. i never expereince of low signal, while i stay at a common place

          2. JohnCena

            i dont think they are not reasonable for being expensive,like maxis expensive becoz they have their competitive advantage ~ i never experience bad signal for using maxis honestly.. maybe my area is good..

  3. helloItsME

    guess it depend on your need.. not neccesary to get the highest rate plan, just a waste if u cant finish data also.. for myself i prefer cheapest plan lah ahhaha,spend mroe time ont alking with friend instead of spending time on phone lah

    1. Adeline Miss

      helloitsME, I agree with u but there are other method we can get closing with fren&family, for me I play mobile games with my bro,and I just top up for my AOV althought I have never spend money for games! Cause I’m xpax users and I join the cash back fever to get rebate …………^^

      1. meggy

        is it rm5 rebate rite?only for first time purchase rite?.the other benefit mybe no strict T&C like before coz last time even to sign up with their plan must have credit card,so lecehh.but now no need edy can sign up.

        1. Ella

          automatically getting that rm 5 if new user for xpax? sounds not bad. my bro just said he wanna change to xpax and now i know the reason haha

          1. Reeny

            not get RM5 credit .
            as I know RM5 rebate can get it while you spend on google playstore, but for those who first time purchase app .

          2. LouiseXing

            i think they need a process for it.. and if its Cash RM5 will be better ? HAHA not much ppl really spend on google play..

        2. Reeny

          haha there is a good timing to purchase app . But not sure until when cuz I also haven’t try it, if don’t use it seems quite waste .

        3. Elaine Mok

          That means the xpax will rebate us RM5 when we purchase on playstore? it sound not bad…even I havent try celcom before…but now it make me feel like worth and will try…Thanks for the sharing guys

    2. Ella

      Sometimes the problem is you can purchase better package with the same price in others telco. last time i tot maxis is the best but then with lower price i can get better package in celcom. really need to check on every telco before you purchase

  4. Kalefeh

    i dont think there is a best telco plan exist.. its just depend on what service u need, and see which telco plan had fulfill you ~

  5. KelvinLoo

    Currently using Webe.. unlimitted call and data.. but it dissapointed me about the speed of internet.. idk whether my location problem or everyone face the same problem with me?

    1. Ella

      So far haven try webe. Maybe u can check with their centre? Sometimes might be the line in ur area under maintenance. If still the same after complaining, better u try see celcom or maxis line

  6. Idzwan Othman

    Hi guys I would suggest to use tunetalk it rides on celcom infrastructure so coverage wise 100% as Celcom then subscribe to vibe 200 you will get
    20gb/month for 1 year itsi like you only pay RM 17/month for 20gb data eventough no voice is included but you can subscribe for a new monthly call plan RM 30 for unlimited voice/SMS for 1 month
    So i can say your plan would be RM 47 monthly for unlimited voice SMS and 20gb data if that’s not cheap I don’t know what is

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