Flight Booking With AirAsia Airlines Made Easy

It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s time to get your passports, your visas and all the stuff needed ready and packed up for your holiday spot. Okay, you must be wondering why I’m hyped all of a sudden. No, I don’t win any holiday packages and no, I don’t have any plans for the holiday…yet! So, I thought, I’m going to inspire myself and you hope to plan trips for the long holiday coming. In today’s entry, we will be looking at the most popular local airlines, AirAsia and see what they have to offer to make our flight search easier.

AirAsia Airlines

AirAsia airlines booking ticket can be purchased in various OTAs now including the new one on the market, Traveloka, have you heard about them? I guess it’s not that new because it has been around quite some time, it’s just that it’s relatively new in Malaysia. I wasn’t familiar with it too, but they’ve been popping out here and there like during KL2017 and recently, Asia’s Got Talent, plus they keep popping up with various deals and promotions that are just mind blowingly cheap, so I figure they must be something. Now, where did I stop? Oh, AirAsia tickets! Yeah, this local airline has been engaged in various types of OTAs, seeing how much it has grown over the years since its first initiation back in 1996. Tony did well on this empire and we’re going to look at how they strive to make our flight booking easier.

Low-Cost at All Cost

AirAsia Airlines

AirAsia has been known for its low-cost status. It’s the one and only leading low-cost airlines in Malaysia. Its reputation pretty much boomed with this low-cost features. Their motto is that everyone can travel and they ain’t playing with words on that. You can find the lowest rate for both domestic and international flights. Literally, EVERYONE can travel. By having this bonus point on their record, they are not just providing the chance for low-income parties to travel with ease, but also the process for people to get their flights is just easier considering they have loads of choice to consider.

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User Friendly

AirAsia Airlines

Now, you can do your flight booking both on mobile application and website. Both platforms were reviewed to be very user-friendly. The mobile application can be easily accessed if you are using smartphones. The display is very on point and easy to manage your search. You are not limited when you are doing your flight booking as the functions are very close to the web with a little dash of coolness to it. In short, the point of having mobile apps is to make things easier and AirAsia did that with its app. That does not mean the website is not as sophisticated as the app, though. The web display is very vibrant and not clustered like other sites. Having clustered display is just going to throw people off. The search is very systematic and on-point. The visuals are clear with all the information one needs to buy their plane tickets.

Pre-arranged Seating Is What Makes Life Better

AirAsia Airlines

One of the main features that AirAsia have is the pre-rearranged seating. You will no longer have to succumb to the curse of annoying passengers by selecting your own seats at your own preferred sections. You have the power to choose where you would like to seat, which is a dream come true for any passenger that is using the public transportation. Speaking of seats, here’s a little whisper to let you know that AirAsia is having Free Seats Promotion. I’m not sure if it’s already going on or is it next year, but that is as far as I know. I didn’t dig up anything about it. You’ll have to look it up to find out more about it.

So, that’s about it. Three main things that make flight booking easier with AirAsia. Hey, if you have other stuff that you want to share, you can always share it in the comment section. I’m all ears to know what you have to share. Keep it friendly, though. So, what do you say? Shall we start making our travelling plans now?

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