This New Laundry Technology by Samsung Cuts Laundry Time in Half

Samsung goes a step further to bring us QuickDrive™, an industry game-changer that redefines the meaning of laundry technology without compromising washing performance.

The art of laundry cleaning, we have all been there and done that. You either love it or hate it, but it is a recurrent household duty that many Malaysian homeowners have to be accustomed to once they are living on their own without a helper.

Did you know that about one third of Malaysian consumers do their laundry two or more times per week? That is a lot of washing, which can be a cause to inefficient time management and running up high energy bills. Top that with their busy lifestyles; and any spare minute would be spent wisely on social matters, rather than having to wait around 1.5 hours to wash a full load in the washing machines.

Samsung QuickDrive

Just as we thought nothing could have been done to speed up the process, Samsung goes a step further to bring us QuickDrive™, an industry game-changer that redefines the meaning of quick laundry without compromising washing performance. This is not an understatement, as on its Super Speed setting, a daily load of laundry completes in just 39 minutes!

This is a major step forward for the industry and a pocket-friendly novelty, as users can now maximise their time productively to get more things done in a day, while saving cents and energy. A once dreaded chore can now be a chore that we all love.

But what exactly is QuickDrive™?

Outstanding Laundry Technologies for Improved Washing Performance

Beyond cutting washing time by 50%, QuickDrive™ reduces energy usage by 20%2, giving consumers the luxury of saving both time and cost. This washing and laundry technology by Samsung has been tested by Intertek, the world’s largest testing and inspection organisation, which concluded that the level of cleaning performance and fabric care is at the same level as existing, high-quality washing machines.

Samsung QuickDrive

What makes QuickDrive™ so unique from conventional washers is its Q-Drum™ technology which consists of a large main drum and a plate that rotates independently.

Unlike other washers, clothes going through Samsung’s QuickDrive™ are moved from the top to bottom in the drum, while the plate in the back of the drum introduces a back and forth movement. This creates a dynamic and revolutionary action powered by double forces that quickly, gently, and thoroughly remove dirt to deliver a fast yet intense and complete washing cycle.

Coupled with the brand’s innovative EcoBubble™ technology which provides powerful cleaning by mixing air and water to generate fine detergent bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster, Samsung’s washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology is also operable at low temperatures.

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Smarter, IoT-Enabled Features for Extra Convenience

Throughout the washing cycle, QuickDrive™ offers a range of smart and convenient features, powered by its AI laundry technology assistant aptly named Q-rator. The assistant provides three key smart features to manage laundry more effectively and conveniently:

  • Laundry Planner enables consumers to manage a laundry’s finishing time, freeing consumers to control their schedule on their own terms.
  • Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the information inputted by the user, thus eliminating the need for guessing which cycle works best.
  • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer by remote, proactively alerting users about potential problems and providing quick troubleshooting support.

Samsung QuickDrive Apart from that, QuickDrive™ is equipped together with Samsung’s innovative AddWash™, a feature that gives users the ability to add items in at any time during the cycle. With this option, users now have more freedom and flexibility in their laundry chores.

From a forgotten sock to delicate fabrics that only need to go in later, AddWash™ even allows users to add additional detergent or fabric softener afterwards. This combination of Q-rator and AddWash™ creates a synergistic effect that further enhances convenience and as a whole, a much more pleasant user experience.

Designed for Higher Performance Durability

The QuickDrive™ washing machines have been designed for long-lasting performance. Equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, this latest washing machine significantly reduces noise and energy consumption while providing exceptional durability towards washing performance and fabric care, anytime.

Samsung QuickDrive

It additionally uses a Ceramic Heater+, a new type of anti-adhesion coating which ensures up to 55% less scale build-up than conventional ceramic heaters , thus helping the heater to maintain its performance for longer with more durability.

Award-Winning Technology and a Major Step Forward in Laundry Innovation

This New Laundry Technology by Samsung Cuts Laundry Time in Half

Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology has received its deserved recognition for revolutionising the industry. At the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2018, the front load washer won the Smart Home Technology award for its high performance and efficiency. With QuickDrive™, consumers have the extra convenience and are now able to enjoy more time away from laundry.

The QuickDrive™ is now available in Malaysia, starting at a recommended retail price of RM3,999. For more information about Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology, please visit

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