Samsung Shares 80th Anniversary Love & Care With Its Community

Setting a positive environment, responding to people’s needs and helping them to live better is what Samsung strives to achieve in giving back to society. Many underprivileged areas are in need of clean water, sanitary common spaces, education and the support to hear them out– and Samsung is committed to providing solutions with its annual Love & Care corporate social responsibility programme.

Held in conjunction with Samsung’s 80th anniversary this year, 80 Samsung employees volunteered to visit the community at Kampung Ulu Tual, an orang asli village in Pahang that was ‘adopted’ by Samsung back in 2015. At the one-day programme, volunteers interacted with the village people, provided basic educational sessions and distributed basic and essential necessities.

Samsung Shares Love & Care
Samsung volunteers taking part in planting 80 trees with the villagers of Kampung Ulu Tual in hopes of creating a greener environment for them to live in.

Apart from providing them the necessities; this time round, Samsung wanted to instil a deep appreciation on sustaining the environment around them. Therefore, an activity of planting 80 trees with the village children of Kampung Ulu Tual was in the line-up to create a greener environment for them to live in.

Samsung Gives
Dato’ Roh Jae Yeol, Corporate Affairs Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, and Samsung volunteers receiving a warm welcome from the villagers.

“We are glad to be back in Kampung Ulu Tual for the 4th year consecutive, to continue what we started under Samsung’s Love & Care programme. Before this, we had provided the basic living necessities for them to lead a better life filled with possibilities. To celebrate Samsung’s 80th Anniversary this year, we have decided to take a different approach by extending love and care to the environment as well. We hope that through this, we can inspire them to continue preserving and protecting Mother Nature. I’m proud of all Samsung volunteers today who have demonstrated exemplary volunteering work and we look forward for more initiatives in future,” said Mr Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Samsung Gives
Children from Kampung Ulu Tual happily engaging with Samsung volunteers during the pop quiz session

Besides that, Samsung’s volunteer team utilised Samsung television for an educational session. Through screen mirroring technology, learning materials were projected and pop quizzes were conducted using Smart TV, in hopes that this will stimulate a positive learning attitude that will pave a wider path for a better future. This is part of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to increase literacy rates among the people of Kampung Ulu Tual, especially the young children.

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Samsung Gives
Held in conjunction with Samsung’s 80th anniversary this year, 80 Samsung volunteers made a visit to Kampung Ulu Tual, a small orang asli village in Pahang.

Back in 2017, Samsung donated 300 portable solar LED lights to the village and although it was a significant help to the villagers, the tech company noticed that the village still needed more light. Hence, Samsung donated an additional 100 solar LED light units this year, so that the villagers would have enough lighting especially at night; to help them get by in their activities, chores and studies.

Samsung Gives
A total of 400 solar LED lights have been donated by Samsung for the utilisation of 163 households in the village

Before leaving the village, Samsung volunteers participated in a little bit of fun by having Love & Care’s annual ‘Tug of War’ match with the villagers of Kampung Ulu Tual. Monthly rations were also distributed to 163 households of Kampung Ulu Tual for the villagers’ daily consumption. “We have been incredibly fortunate over the years, and it’s only natural that we give back in any way we can. I’m excited for what the future holds and I hope that we continue to constantly keep our surrounding communities in mind no matter where we are or what we do,” Mr Kim concluded.

The Samsung Love & Care programme was previously known as Samsung’s Nanum Village initiative. The programme commenced earlier in 2015 as part of Samsung’s local Corporate Citizenship efforts.

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