No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

As you may know, I am currently reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S9 for the next two weeks. While I’m using the S9, I definitely have to install some of my usual daily used app such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Another app that I “need” is the Xpax app. But when I did a search in Google Play Store, Xpax app is nowhere to be found.

Celcom Life

That is when I found out that they (Celcom) have taken the Xpax app out of Play Store with Celcom Life as a replacement. Well, I didn’t know about this and obviously I had to give it a go. I know that Xpax app is made especially for prepaid users. I wondered whether the Celcom Life is for postpaid or prepaid or both?

After installing the new Celcom Life app, only then I found out that it “auto detects” whether you’re using a postpaid or prepaid line. My initial reaction when using the new Celcom Life is, wow…especially with the new interface and speed.

I remember installing the Xpax app when it was launched. The interface is okay looking but the loading speed was too slow. They have improved the speed after many updates later but it is still too slow for me.

The new Celcom Life app on the other hand, is much more responsive. It’s also much easier to use and navigate around. Registering or rather activating your app is very easy. Just key in your phone number and wait for the activation code via SMS. Key in your activation code and you’re done.

No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

This will be the first thing you will see. You will see your credit balance and current status. Interface is clean and very straight forward.

No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

The 3 lines on the top left will bring you here, the menu and settings. You can reload from here, check your subscriptions, upgrade your service and much more.

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No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

Tapping the buy more button on the home screen will bring this menu out. You can make your top-up, internet plans, add-on plans and roaming purchases from here.

No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

I did tapped on the reload button to see how can I purchase my top-up. This will come up. You have a few choices on the amount that you want to buy. Then you can choose whether to use credit/debit card or online banking. I tried with credit card and it will bring me to fill in the payment details. Fill it all up and hit confirm, and you’re good to go.

It is that simple now.

No More Xpax App, We Now Welcome Celcom Life

I also did a top-up for my internet plan and I can see how much data is left and when is the expiry date. Everything is much clearer now as compared to the old Xpax app.


I thank Celcom for coming up with this new Celcom Life app. It is better, easier and more responsive than the previous version.

In GUI looks better. Everything that I need to check is displayed right at the home screen. Swiping left will show the data usage at a glance. I know that the Celcom Life app is still new and not working well for most users. This is probably due to phone compatibility or some bug. But I personally think they are on the right track.

So be patient for now, I’m sure they will update it frequently to make the Celcom Life app a reliable companion for Celcom users. Just keep up the good work, Celcom.

Download the new Celcom Life app now!

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  1. PapaJon

    Celcom Life combine xpax and celcom? now xpax also postpaid already…

    1. Alohaha

      Doesnt matter postpaid or prepaid as long as xpax promise give the best free video and data can already

    2. K. Azwan

      Now Celcom is improving their services. Celcom Life has better function than Xpax app last time. Hope they can improve on the internet speed and packages also la.

      1. Alohaha

        Speed wise i think still very strong coverage… the package can be more great also… now got youth xpax… why dont have adult xpax? haha

        1. Big brown eyes

          Is celcom really with a strong coverage? Ppl around me non of them is using celcom. like untrustable

          1. K. Azwan

            Celcom coverage is not bad. Most other telco is piggy-backing on Celcom network like Umobile, Tune and XOX.

          2. Fanny Qi (@fanny_qi)

            Celcom’s coverage is quite stable and fast. Its monthly payment is also pretty affordable. You won’t regret after subscribe it. Haha…

          3. Timothy

            If Xpax line is untrustable then I think no other line are trustable also lol. Everytime I go back my hometown my line is still working fine, even though not as good as in city but still able to surf Facebook and watch video smoothly. Cant say the same for other telco though…

        2. Gilene

          Well if they received enough support then maybe next time will have adult package also loh. I think youth plan is very good lah since they usually just started working and cant really afford to pay so much, at least this package can help reduce their burden.

  2. Eyua

    so far so good, get shock when xpax also can become postpaid, great thing i can think of is no need topup every week… hahaha

    1. K. Azwan

      Hahaha. Ok la like that. Not bad la this app. Can see all your usage better than old Xpax app.

      1. Yaya. The celcom life app is really useful. You can use the app to track the usage of data, view the bills as well as make the payment. The users can also enjoy great discounts from time to time.

    2. The xpax new postpaid plan sound great as it offers many privileges. And we only need to pay bill once a month and don’t have to worry about phone being cut off or data have been used up.

      1. The xpax postpaid plan is quite attractive and suitable to lazy people like me coz not need to reload phone weekly and can enjoy many special benefits. I’ll consider to subscribe it.

        1. Timothy

          Yeah its true man. No need to worry about suddenly running out of data as the data that they give is a lot. I think I need to worry more on how should I use finish them instead :p

          1. K. Azwan

            I’m actually using the Xpax prepaid line and so far I haven’t finish my data quota for a whole month. Usually by the end of the month I still have 2 or 3 GB left so I use it to download movies until finish all data. Dowan to waste the remaining data lor.

    3. Gilene

      Yup postpaid is indeed easier to use lah, and somemore you can get postpaid plan plus new smartphone together also by signing contract with Xpax, since your phone also need to use data so why not? And the price for smartphone will be lower also through contract.

  3. Mia Khalifa

    Pe niiiii….

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