Ostrich Galaxy Brand Commercial Wins 13 Awards

Samsung ad continues to receive high praise from award shows like Cannes Lions, The Clio Awards and D&AD Awards, totaling 36 awards.

Samsung Electronics today announced that it received thirteen awards including seven Gold Pencils, three Silver Pencils, three Bronze Pencils across visual effects, animation and cinematography for its ‘Ostrich’ advertisement in the Branded Entertainment category at The One Club Awards.

Produced by The One Club for Creativity, the global awards show is judged by top industry professionals and honors the best creative ideas that are setting new industry standards. Samsung has been recognized in both the ADC Annual Awards , the oldest continuously running industry awards show in the world and The One Show, one of the most prestigious awards competitions in advertising, design, interactive and branded entertainment.

Ostrich Galaxy Brand Commercial Wins 13 Awards

The commercial, which has also won awards at Cannes Lions, the Clio Awards and the D&AD Awards, features an ostrich who learns to fly after donning a Samsung Gear VR headset and launching a virtual flight simulator. The campaign taps into the basic human urge to push beyond what is normal and demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing products and services that allow people to break boundaries and do the incredible.

“‘Ostrich’ shows the very real, human-centric story of how bold action can defy barriers. This focus on creating human value through our technology is at the core of our global marketing program and it is exciting to see it resonate with audiences as well as our peers,” said Pio Schunker, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Brand Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We’re honored to receive this recognition from one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations celebrating creative excellence.”

To-date “Ostrich Galaxy” has received the following awards:

  • The One Show Awards 2018
    • Gold Pencil: Craft – Visual Effects / Single
    • Gold Pencil: Craft – Direction / Single
    • Gold Pencil: Craft – Animation / Single
    • Silver Pencil: Online / Short Form – Single
    • Bronze Pencil: Television / Long Form – Single
  • One Club ADC Award 2018
    • Gold Pencil: Craft – Cinematography – Single
    • Gold Pencil: Online – Mobile/Online Video – Single
    • Gold Pencil:Craft – Film Animation – Single
    • Gold Pencil: Craft – Film/Special Effects – Single
    • Silver Pencil: Television – Film/Online Video Commercials/Online Commercial – Single
    • Silver Pencil: Craft – Film Direction – Single
    • Bronze Pencil:Craft – Special Effects – Single
    • Bronze Pencil: Craft – Special Effects – Single
  • D&AD 2018
    • Yellow Pencil: Film Advertising Crafts – Special Effects for Film Advertising
    • Graphite Pencil: Film Advertising – TV Commercials 61-120 seconds
    • Wood Pencil: Film Advertising Craft – Use of Music for Film Advertising
  • Cannes Lions 2017
    • Golden Lion: Film Craft – Direction
    • Golden Lion: Film Craft – Visual Effects
    • Golden Lion: Film Craft – Animation
    • Silver Lion: Film
    • Silver Lion: Film Craft – Use of Licensed / Adapted Music
    • Bronze Lion: Cyber
    • Bronze Lion: Entertainment
  • Clio Awards 2017
    • Gold Winner: Film – Short Form
    • Silver Winner: Film Technique – Cinematography
    • Silver Winner: Film Technique – Direction
    • Silver Winner: Film Technique – Visual Effects
    • Bronze Winner: Film Technique – Editing
    • Bronze Winner: Film Technique – Licensed Music
  • London International Awards (LIA) 2017
    • Gold Statue: Music & Sound – Use of Licensed Music
    • Gold Statue: TV/Cinema/Online Film: Electronic Equipment
    • Gold Statue: Production & Post-Production – Visual Effects
    • Gold Statue: Production & Post-Production – CGI Animation
    • Silver Statue: Production & Post-Production – Direction
    • Bronze Statue: Production & Post-Production – Cinematography
    • Bronze Statue: Music & Sound – Sound Editing
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