Total Prize Pool of RM370,000 for Mobile Legends Players in Malaysia

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Total prize pool of RM370,000 awaits for Mobile Legends players in Malaysia with Tamago’s 100 Legends contest

Tamago, one of Southeast Asia’s top game streaming apps, is offering gamers a total prize pool of RM370,000in the Tamago 100 Legends contest. From 1 October onwards, Malaysian players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) stand to earn a share of this prize pool by entering the top 100 in-game rankings and streaming their gameplay on Tamago.

To participate, gamers will have to:

  1. Register on this website –
  2. Add “Tamago” at the front of their in-game name,
  3. Rank up as high as possible in the in-game ranking / leaderboard and
  4. Stream their gameplay on Tamago for at least 2 hours per day (or 60 hours throughout the contest duration),
  5. Take home a cash prize based on each player’s ranking among other participants with “Tamago” in their in-game name at the end of the contest period.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Gamers who fulfill all the requirements will be eligible to take home RM41,400 (US$10,000) for 1st place, RM20,700 (US$5,000) for 2nd place, RM12,400 (US$3,000) for 3rd place, and so forth (full details listed below). Malaysian gamers will be competing with other participants from around Southeast Asia for the top rankings in MLBB.

“As gamers ourselves, we are passionate about supporting the gaming community and we want to help build a vibrant esports ecosystem here in the region. Through streaming, we want to give gamers more ways to generate income besides winning prize money in tournaments. We also want to encourage gamers to become content creators and develop relevant skill sets like streaming and casting. We hope Malaysian gamers will enjoy and benefit from Tamago’s 100 Legends contest,” said Yubin Ng, Head of Tamago.

For full details, terms and conditions, visit the official website here. Fans can watch gamers across SEA stream their 100 Legends journey on Tamago by downloading the app for free.

  • Tamago 100 Legends: Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Contest period: 1 October till 31 October 2018
  • Who can enter: Gamers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
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Cash Prize for Top 100 Legends of MLBB
1st Place  RM41,400 (US$10,000)
2nd Place RM20,700 (US$5,000)
3rd Place RM12,400 (US$3,000)
4th to 50th Place RM4,140 (US$1,000)
51st to 100th Place RM2,070 (US$500)

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