Samsung Brightens the Future of SK Rambungan with ‘My School, My Home’

SK Rambungan with ‘My School, My Home’

Following Samsung’s longstanding vision to inspire the world and create the future with their innovative technologies, Samsung Malaysia Electronics launched ‘My School, My Home’, a place where education and accessibility converge in the hopes of improving and enriching the lives of all at SK Rambungan.

Located in the rural areas of Daerah Lundu, SK Rambungan is the school that represents the future of Lundu. However, as an educational institution, it lacked the basic resources needed for a conducive learning environment. Paired with the fact that many of the school’s students and teachers lived far away, making the daily commute to and from school a long and tiring journey, the number of students dwindled as the years went by.

SK Rambungan with ‘My School, My Home’

‘My School, My Home’ is an initiative launched by Samsung Malaysia Electronics to give the students, teachers, and parents of SK Rambungan a better life with the help of two solutions: a better equipped resource centre to improve the teaching and learning standards in the school – ‘My School’ – and hostel facilities to accommodate teachers and parents travelling from afar – ‘My Home’.

“At Samsung, we recognize that it is part of our responsibility to aid the improvement of the global community. We always aim to deliver groundbreaking innovations in hopes that we can help enrich lives and contribute to social prosperity. We hope that with this initiative, we can bridge the technology gap between rural students and their counterparts in the cities and in turn, we hope we can provide the residents at SK Rambungan with equal opportunities in terms of living and learning,” said Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

‘My School’ fully equipped with Samsung Galaxy tablets as well as a smart TV, was built for the students and teachers at the school to facilitate the teaching and learning process. For teachers and parents travelling from afar, “My Home” was erected, complete with air conditioning, home appliances and TVs for entertainment generously provided by Samsung. The existing children’s hostel facilities like the laundry areas were also upgraded, with the instalment of proper washing stations and new washing machines.

Present at the launch was Minister of Rural Electricity Sarawak, Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Junaidi. “On behalf of everyone here at SK Rambungan, I would like to thank Samsung Malaysia Electronics for this initiative. To say that it has improved the lives of everyone here would be an understatement, as it has done so much more than that,” he said.

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Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Junaidi also commended the ‘My School, My Home’ initiative and all parties who were involved. “Congratulations to everyone who has helped make this initiative a reality. Because of your hard work, the students of SK Rambungan have been given a platform where their ambitions and aspirations can flourish with the access to digital education. We are very proud of what has been accomplished today and I urge that we all continue to support our national agenda in using ICT towards achieving a knowledge-based nation, to do our part in contributing towards a better Malaysia,” he said.

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