BookDoc Partners With The Leading Online Grocery Company in South-East Asia, Happy Fresh

The number one online grocery company in South-East Asia (SEA), HappyFresh has signed with BookDoc to be its latest Activ Reward Partner. This three (3) year partnership offers BookDoc users great discounts in all 3 countries which HappyFresh operates in – Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

“We welcome HappyFresh to come on board as our reward partner. People buy groceries every day and we believe this partnership will greatly benefit our users”, said BookDoc’s founder and CEO, Dato’ Chevy Beh.

“We are the largest integrated healthcare platform in South-East Asia with operational presence in 5 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia). Currently, there are over 40,000 healthcare professionals listed with us. BookDoc incentivises healthy lifestyle by rewarding our users for being active and collaborate with more than 100 reward partners in 12 countries. The rewards are redeemable across 1,600 offline and online locations. BookDoc motivates users to live a healthier life while being rewarded”, added Dato’ Chevy.

BookDoc provides a seamless experience by being able to sync with other health applications such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Garmin and enable users to efficiently keep track of their daily exercise and get rewarded accordingly. With the slogan “Go ACTIV, Get Rewards”, users will be rewarded with discounts or freebies from major retailers and service providers, may it be at their home country or cross-country redemption on a monthly basis, by maintaining a high level of activity.

HappyFresh is an online supermarket platform in South-East Asia that allows people to shop for products from great grocery stores around the city at the tap of a button. It operates its own delivery fleet and staff that pick the fresh groceries from partnering supermarkets as well as speciality stores. HappyFresh also provides the in-app chat function to their customers when the shoppers find a product ‘Out of Stock’. This is especially useful for the foreigner customers as it has an auto translate feature.

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“HappyFresh has already been operating for four (4) years now and our main focus is building an app that can deliver simplified lives. Making a healthier choice is as simple as making the time. Whether you’re an office worker or parents of young children, making healthier choices can sometimes be quite challenging. Most of millennials do not even know how to pick the high-quality fresh fruits or vegetables to consume. Probably you may not go to the gym but you always need to do grocery shopping. And that’s what we offer at HappyFresh: Well-trained Personal Shopper that is always ready to pick the freshest groceries from your favourite store and rider you can count on to deliver it to your doorstep”, said Chief Growth Officer, Johan.

“We hope the collaboration between HappyFresh and BookDoc can amplify our purpose and provide our customers the support they need for health and wellness”, added Johan. 

BookDoc has recently partnered with the Special Olympics to monitor their athletes in Asia Pacific countries and continues to offer this healthcare platform to other organizations both locally and internationally. In addition, BookDoc has also recently tied up with Eu Yan Sang (The largest Traditional Chinese Medicine player in South-East Asia).

BookDoc is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. BookDoc continues to expand its partnership with major retailers and service provides every month for the benefit of its users.

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