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Seekers App
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When I was job hunting a few months back, I came across this one particular app that I think is very useful and easy enough to understand right off the bat called Seekers App. At first I thought it was an app for job searching (because that is what I was looking for). But it turns out to be something better. 

Not only I am able to locate jobs online but I can also recommend those who are looking for job placements through the app itself. With that, I can make some extra cash too! 

Now, the app works like this. Seekers is a recruitment platform where you can be freelance-recruiter to help people land a job. You will get opportunities to earn income based on your activities on the Seekers App, which does not require you to own a car or anything other than just your smartphone.

This mobile app is tailored for HR/Talent-Acquisition professionals and also for those who are motivated to become a freelance-recruiters. You will find an ultra-transparent recruitment flow with no hassle to support your friend to land on their dream job via the Seekers App.

It may sound like a dream come true at the moment because you are able to make some extra income through your smartphone. True enough, that’s exactly what it is. If you’re curious on how Seekers actually works, I have more explaining to do then.

So how can you earn with the Seekers app?

Earn Referral Bonus when you refer quality candidates and/or resumes. 

For a start, there are two types of jobs in the Seekers App. 

Easy (EZ) Job: 

  • Sent to Client: Up to RM25 per candidate 
  • Shortlisted: RM10 per candidate

High Commission (HC) Job: 

  • Sent to client: RM15 
  • Attended Interview: RM30 
  • Offer Letter Accepted: RM50  
  • Completed: 24% of the candidate’s 1st-month salary

Excited yet? I know I am. 

Sent to Client Reward? 

  • Seekers team will screen the resume that you referred, and introduce to clients. 
  • For Easy Job, you will be rewarded RM25 per candidate sent to the client. 
  • For High Commission Job, you will be rewarded RM15 when your referral meets the job requirement and being introduced to the hiring company

Your Candidate Attended an Interview? 

Once the person you introduced has attended the 1st interview with the hiring company, you will earn RM30. But once you know when the candidate is going for the interview, make 100% sure that the candidate attends the interview to earn that RM30. That means you will have to remind your candidate to go for that interview and make sure he/she goes. 

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Your Candidate Signed an Offer Letter from the Hiring Company? 

After several job interviews with the hiring company, the hiring company may issue an offer letter and once the candidate signs the offer letter, you will be rewarded RM50. But make sure your candidate sign the offer letter first, okay?

Completion Bonus 

When the client confirmed that your candidate has been working for 30 days in the company, you will be entitled to a recruitment bonus! With this, you will get 24% of the amount of your candidate’s monthly basic salary (The 24% reward will be from Seekers and not deducted from the actual candidate salary). 

Now this is a sample Calculation for Completion Bonus 

If the candidate basic salary is RM2000, your commission is calculated as 24% from the amount. Your completion bonus will be RM480. Kachinggg! 


Seekers App - Social Recruitment Job Portal

Who says you can’t make some extra cash from your smartphone without hassle or with any possibilities of being conned? This is also a platform to help others like your friends or family members to land a job. At the same time while helping others, you’re helping yourself too. I know the feeling of struggle when I was job searching months ago. If only I had known about this Seekers app sooner, it will be a ton of help. 

The app is pretty straightforward and “transparent”. Definitely no hidden charges and totally hassle free. Registration is easy with great looking UX/UI design, making it easy to navigate around. So for first time users of the Seekers app, you can easily master the app within minutes. 

So don’t waste anymore time. I know you’re excited to get started to earn that extra income. No one is stopping you. The Seekers app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Get it now. 

Seekers Malaysia is an official partner of MDEC’s e-Rezeki Program, an initiative to encourage Malaysian to indulge into a digital shared economy platform. Click here to see the credential (Placed under the Digital Works).

Visit Seekers Malaysia official website.

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