Utilities must accept payments online after the lockdowns, warns IT billing expert

BLOOMSBURG, PA., June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thomas Tobin, Pennsylvania based software developer and President of Diversified Technology Corp, issued the following statement:

“Utility organizations who resisted moving to online payment systems in the past must now take that crucial step,” said Tom Tobin. “To help them, we’ve streamlined the transition process and flattened the learning curve, so even organizations with no online exposure can still confidently make the move.” Diversified set up an information page at: https://diversifiedbilling.com/go-online to help managers understand the process.

“Utility organizations must take this seriously for two reasons,” said Mr. Tobin,

  • “The COVID-19 lockdowns have forced people to rely on online payment systems.
  • COVID-19 still remains a threat and some level of social distancing will probably be a part of everyday life for some time to come.”

“The lockdowns have changed consumer behavior forever,” said Mr. Tobin. “People who would previously tolerate standing in a line to pay a cashier now expect everything to be online and this is not going to change.”

Mr. Tobin’s company, Diversified Technology has seen an increase in Utility organizations ready to move their billing systems online. While Americans have been able to pay most of their accounts online for over a decade, this has often not been the case with utility bills. Some utility organizations have been resistant to change, with long term staff fearing they will be made obsolete, by any move to an automated system.

“But the recent crisis has been a catalyst for them to move,” Mr. Tobin said. “Aside from appeasing dissatisfied customers, moving online is now popular with key staff who worry about being exposed to the virus.” Mr. Tobin explained that utility organizations typically have a large percentage of aging staff, people who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from the disease.

Mr Tobin said the key component of their system was the flexibility. Being able to switch utilities from inhouse LAN based software to cloud based, and back to their LAN at any time, gives managers the reassurance they need to be able to make the move. They also discover a new layer of safety with online billing. Real time reporting results in fewer delinquent accounts and a reduction in phone calls from irate customers. When people can view their statistics online, they are more likely to understand their charges.

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Diversified Technology Corp is a Pennsylvania based software development company, who have built utility billing and management systems for the past twenty years. You can call them on 800-537-8903 x1004 or visit their website at: https://diversifiedbilling.com/go-online

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Source: Diversified Technology Corp.

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