NetDragon Launched International Summer Intern Program

FUZHOU, China, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On July 21, 2020, NetDragon’s International Summer Intern Program opened, 17 college graduates from different countries and regions, such as the United States, Italy, and Serbia, began to formally take up their posts. It is reported that they have been screened out among more than 200 candidates. Affected by the global epidemic situation, they will spend this wonderful international internship online in the next six weeks. It will become the most special one among the seven consecutive sessions held by NetDragon.

The International Summer Intern Program is a normalized platform for international college graduates, which was created by NetDragon in 2014. It mainly recruits international students graduate from game planning, industrial design, experience design, interface design, product design and other majors, aiming to stimulate the spark of innovation when collision happens between domestic and overseas design concepts. At the same time, candidates with high potential will be employed finally.

This time, NetDragon has received more than 200 resumes, including high-quality students recommended by institutions that have established friendly cooperation with NetDragon, as well as international students who have signed up by themselves from other colleges and universities. Finally, a total of 17 students entered the internship, including 11 masters and 6 undergraduate students from more than 10 universities, such as the University of North Texas (UNT), University of Novi Sad, Milan Polytechnic University, Waseda University and London University of Arts.

At the live video streaming of the opening ceremony, Lin Chen, senior vice president of NetDragon, delivered a welcome speech. He said, “Design is the focus of our work, which is not a simple thing, it creates value for our users. The significance of the internship program is to share experience accumulated by NetDragon in design methodology and design tools, and help to create a better life and better world together with new designers and who wants to be a designer from all over the world.”

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During the 6-week internship, NetDragon will organize a series of activities such as design workshop, methodology exchange meeting, project practice, etc., according to the interns’ specialty. Interns can also participate in the design of NetDragon’s key products, or involve themselves in the project implementation, especially during the internationalization process of Edmodo, Promethean and other products. In addition, NetDragon will also provide interns with the innovative course of Design Methodology independently developed by Liu Dejian, founder and chairman of NetDragon. This is the summary and refinement of design experience that has been proved successful by practice in the process of long-term product development. This course has won high attention in Harvard University, and also in the Design and Learning course of Beijing Normal University. Interns will be improved in the combination of methodology and practice.

According to the reports, NetDragon will provide job quotas to outstanding interns after the internship period, and part of the international graduates have chosen to stay in NetDragon through this program in these years. To strengthen the cooperation with overseas colleges and universities, attract overseas high-quality students and accelerate the integration with overseas market are important ideas for the rapid development abroad. At present, NetDragon has set foot in more than 190 countries and regions such as Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Serbia, covering more than 2 million classrooms and benefiting more than 100 million users.

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