The New Social Technology Revolution – Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.

The New Social Technology Revolution - Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.

PARIS, July 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Behind the closed-doors of the glitzy Bellagraph Nova Group office inside 10 Place Vendôme, Paris, a series of stimulating, intellectual discussions and negotiations have been taking place over the last few months, some of these exhilarating discussions will go down in history as one of those defining moments that will forge the destiny of a multibillion global company and potentially even the new digital world.  

The New Social Technology Revolution – Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.
The New Social Technology Revolution – Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.

Headquartered in Paris, France, the Bellagraph Nova Group (BN Group), the conglomerate overseeing 31 business entities, across 100 countries, is the world’s fastest growing 360˚ lifestyle platform. Founded by the trailblazing trio, Ms. Evangeline Shen, Mr. Nelson Loh and Terence Loh, the Bellagraph Nova Group since its inception, has taken the world by storm, making strategic chess moves that even the greatest Grandmasters will be proud of.

One such brave move was the decision of the trio to embark on their landmark merger in the midst of the global pandemic crisis. The audacity to even fathom such a strategic thought by itself, is already no mean feat and the ability to pull it off was nothing short of a miracle move. 

Below is an excerpt of some of the interview questions, discussed over the last few months behind closed doors, while the world was battling the Covid 19 crisis.

Question 1) Following the multi-billion dollar landmark merger between DORR Group and the Bellagraph Group of Companies and setting the new global HQ office at Paris, what is the rationale behind this brave decision in the midst of the worst pandemic crisis in human history and what inspired the founders of BN Group to embark on such ambitious, expansionary plans that the Group has been making over the last few months.

If one were to look back into the sands of time, all the previous pandemics in human history have massively reshaped our society, reformed religious existence, altered values of mankind and changed social behavior patterns globally. Starting from the 14th century, the Black Death rapidly spread across Europe until 1771 and killed over 75 million people. The pandemic immediately heralded changes in both the social and political systems and directly led to the collapse of feudalism.

According to Boccaccio in “The Decameron”, the Black Death led to monumental changes in social structure and religious form, which ended the Catholic Reign and resulted in an integration of various religions throughout Europe. Furthermore, this pandemic brought about massive wealth erosion in Europe and laid the foundation for the birth of laissez faire capitalism as well as catalyzed the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

In 1918, the Spanish flu quickly spread throughout Europe and eventually the world. According to scholars, over 1.8 billion people were infected worldwide. While this plague did not directly reshape social structures, the Spanish Flu did have a profound impact by ending World War I. The Spanish Flu outbreak also spawned the feminist movement due to a decline in labor force and the redistribution of wealth, thereby leading to the 19th amendment in the US Constitution and other historical human rights movements. From this perspective, the Spanish Flu was the ultimate factor advancing mankind towards modern civilization as well as promoting focus on women empowerment.

Will the Coronavirus disease cause more impact than the Spanish Flu or even the Black Death? As history has taught us, the effects of these global phenomenons can occur years, decades and centuries after a global changing event. Given human’s finite lifespan, one can never truly foresee the after-effects of any global pandemic.

Only time will tell the full impact and after-effects in the post Covid world. However, we have already witnessed how the Coronavirus disease has massively altered human behavior patterns, most notably shifting multiple forms of social interaction from offline to online (O2O) and this O2O transition will only accelerate going forward and drive human behavior across all facets of our lives. We at the BN Group call it “the new social technology revolution”

As countries around the world are adopting aggressive expansionary financial policies, it will bring about global asset appreciation and new investment opportunities. Geopolitics will have contracted significantly and lead to more regionally based operations for multinational companies. Looking further ahead, just as the Black Death and the Spanish Flu has advanced modernization, the Coronavirus will also lead mankind to thrive and to advance faster across all aspects, such as technology and human civilization. This means it will also catalyze human rights movements, such as the movement regarding George Floyd in the United States. Along the same vein, it will also result in movements such as women empowerment movements, LGBT movements, religious harmony movements to promote social reform. And it will catalyze technical revolution on the same basis.

To summarize, each of these historical pandemics will firstly always result in global regionalization. It is challenging to all global enterprises, including the Bellagraph Nova Group, to respond to such challenges, we are establishing more local presence by setting up more regional offices in our respective target markets. The recent merger of the Bellagraph Nova Group, who has a strong presence in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, has allowed this new conglomerate to already enjoy improved operational efficiencies throughout its expansive network around the world.

Secondly, these global events have corresponded to more emphasis and focus on humanity and human rights in addition to technological advancement. Europe has always been the frontier of such advancement and human rights movement, hence the BN Group has chosen Paris as its new global headquarters. Our decision to move back to Paris is inevitable. It is as if we are answering our call to destiny and retracing the path of history.

Question 2) Many businesses have complained that this devastating crisis is detrimental to everyone globally and some call it the Black Swan Event. To what extent has the pandemic affected the original launch plan of the Group? What has been done to make up for it?

We strongly believe that this pandemic is no different from any other global crisis, it would only impact businesses that are weak, that are problematic, that are not willing to disrupt themselves. And for us, the BN Group, it is not a challenge, but an opportunity.

When the pandemic started, as countries around the world began to close their borders and limit travel, we quickly realized that major countries in Europe and America would restore their positioning as regional centers, and it would be essential to set up a local headquarter in each respective region. Therefore, we accelerated the merger of the Bellagraph Nova Group and immediately decided to move our new headquarters to Paris given it is in the heart of Europe. This has allowed us to seize opportunities in expansion and to further our investments, as global financial institutions embark on unprecedented aggressive expansionary fiscal and monetary policy stimulus strategies.

The New Social Technology Revolution – Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.
The New Social Technology Revolution – Panel Discussion With Bellagraph Nova Group Founders And Barack Obama On Their Ambitious Quest To Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime In The Post Pandemic World.

Question 3) We understand that Ms. Evangeline Shen, Mr. Nelson Loh and Mr. Terence Loh or better known as the successful trailblazing trio have been actively engaged in merger talks since early 2019 and despite in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic crisis, the three of you have still decided to complete the merger. Can you elaborate more on this? How was this achieved during the pandemic especially when we have witnessed several landmark deals being cancelled as a result of Covid 19 (for example the pending LVMH acquisition of Tiffany running into problems)?

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The past eighteen months have posed many challenges for us to close the deal. There is the ongoing trade war between China and the United States, as well as several geopolitical issues around the world. At the same time, the world seemed to take a heavier hit and started to crumble when Covid 19 hit the global economy. These challenges are unprecedented and may appear insurmountable to those entrepreneurs and global leaders who are weak, who are narrow minded and who have limited vision. But we believed deep in our hearts and minds, that looking back at history, not only is this Covid 19 pandemic not unprecedented, today’s crisis is insignificant compared to what happened during 1914 to 1945.

Mankind has overcome much worse. During the 20th century, there was World War I, and then followed by the decade long Great Depression era, and then soon afterwards World War II befell. The world economy was in a much worse state than now, but it was during such crisis, that the United States became the world’s most powerful country, and its economy kept growing until today.

The three co-founders of the Bellagraph Nova Group have this strong belief, that the Coronavirus situation should not be construed as another challenging crisis. It is in fact the opportunity of a lifetime for the BN Group. For a company like us, which has deep experience and capabilities in social media and social networks and coupled with the fact that our company not only possesses state-of-the-art technological innovation, we also strongly value human rights. We are proud that the group focuses on advancing human civilization as our key initiatives, and today’s global platform provides the best opportunity ever to promote our values and beliefs. This is where our strength lies.

It is not just talk, but all about the actions we take, demonstrating our beliefs and values. The Bellagraph Nova Group appointed the only female amongst the three co-founders, Ms Evangeline Shen as the Group’s chairman, engaged former LVMH group executive Nereides de Bourbon as global marketing and investor relations director, who is a member of the LGBT committee. The Group also appointed Monica Bellucci, the global renowned Hollywood celebrity, on the board as a non-executive Director focusing on sustainability and the group’s charity foundation effort.

In addition, the company has also acquired former L’Oreal Group’s network spokesperson Badara Ndiaye as the company’s brand planning and product spokesperson. The BN Group is providing a prime example, by providing opportunities equally to the most talented individuals regardless of their gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. This has demonstrated our initiatives of truly promoting humanity and advancing civilization. It is not only our vision, but also our responsibility as a leading global enterprise to be a role model for all the other enterprises.

Question 4) In order to still be able to expand and launch new projects during times like this, one probably has to have very deep pockets. And to continue to go ahead with business expansion, you need to be able to afford to “bleed” during this long-lasting global crisis period. Do you agree? Why or why not?

With a total of 31 major subsidiaries, operating in more than 100 countries and employing over 23,000 employees worldwide, the Bellagraph Nova Group is an established global conglomerate. Not only does the company have sufficient capital to deploy, it also has strong presence in human resources and operational infrastructure, especially in Europe and the US. It is not only funds that are required to plan for business expansion nowadays but more importantly one also requires courage and visionary strategies.

Our BN group already possesses very well-organized infrastructure in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. The BN Group has adapted quickly to maintain a highly profitable business model across all its entities while still being able to either enhance the valuation for its respective holdings. Not surprisingly, the successful track record of the BN Group has not gone unnoticed and has caught the eye and impressed global investors around the world from the Middle East to the United States.

Through one of the BN Group’s entities, Bellagraph Jewelry’s client relationship management, the King of Saudi Arabia, the King of Qatar, and Queen Mother of Qatar have expressed their interest on investment opportunities and collaborations. Through our extensive work with the Obama Foundation charitable initiatives as well as ongoing effort to promote human rights, we have attracted several global companies such as the likes of Citibank, JP Morgan, and other established Global Fortune 500 companies to partner with the BN Group.

Our BN group has unparalleled resources globally in this new digital economy. One of the BN Group’s key strengths is its ability to brand and market its vision and business successes digitally across social media worldwide. Based in North America, the Bellagraph Media production team garners over 20 million hits every seven days. This viewership exposure is comparable to video playback analytics similar to the likes of Apple during the release of its latest iPhone model. Such capability is vital to this era we call the “new social technology revolution” and this is the basis of our incredible success.


Sustainability, diversity and ethics, constitute the cornerstone of BN Group’s model and compliance policy for its executives, employees and stakeholders. Our emblem is the butterfly, the symbol par excellence of endurance and perennial metamorphosis.

The Group is headquartered in the famous 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, France. With 31 entities in over 100 countries, the combined US$12 billion revenue Bellagraph Nova Group is the world’s fastest growing 360° lifestyle platform.

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