Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review – Ultimate Android Workforce

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review
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When it comes to tablets, I will always think of what it is made for and it will usually comes with a mid-range setup. Many brands are making tablets but not many are producing powerful high-end kind. This is where Samsung prevails, always.

Since the Galaxy Tab S6 that I’ve tested last year, I have not seen any other brands making any tablets that is comparable to Samsung’s best tablets except the ones by Apple. So when it comes to tablet territory, Samsung and Apple are the best in the market.

Now with the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the S7+, Samsung has made a huge leap forward when it comes to a productivity device. I fell in love the very minute I lay my eyes on the Tab S7+ for this review. And I thank Samsung for the opportunity to use and play with the tab for two whole weeks. So this is my full review of the new Galaxy Tab S7+.

First Look & Design

Unboxing the Galaxy Tab S7+ excites me. Why not? I was actually looking forward to review this baby since it was announced a few weeks back. The launch happened alongside the new Galaxy Note20, which is another device that I am looking forward to review as well.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ comes in a slim box. Inside the box, I was immediately greeted by the tab itself, covered in cloth case that made everything look and feel premium. At this price point, it should give that feel. And I was not disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

Holding the Galaxy Tab S7+ for the first time, I immediately noticed how thin it is. The flat back and squared edges feels great. I actually prefer it like this rather than having rounded edges. This feels solid. It feels like something that is being made in extreme precision. Every corners and edges feels premium. So my first impression was very impressive.

The review unit also comes with a book cover keyboard. With this, I can fully test the tab like how it is intended – total versatility like a laptop. And slapping the book cover keyboard on the tab is essential to fully test its potential.

But first, I am going to talk about the tablet itself.

The 12.4″ Super AMOLED display is gorgeous. That is pretty much the standard for Samsung’s flagship devices nowadays. I love the deep vibrant colours on this tab squeezed into 1752 x 2800 pixels resolution. The front selfie camera is located at the top center of the tablet when holding it in landscape mode. Since the Galaxy Tab S7+ is made for mobile productivity, it is made to use mostly like a laptop, hence why the selfie camera is located there for easy video conference call.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

Now I am going to describe the layout differently this time. Holding the Galaxy Tab S7+ in landscape mode, we can see the power button and the volume rocker on the top left side while there is the MicroSD card slot on the top right side. This tab only comes with WiFi only so you won’t be able to put in your SIM card for data use.

On either sides of the tab, there are 4 speakers in total with two on each side. This gives out the full surround sound experience that is enhanced by Dolby Atmos and tuned by AKG. Speakers are loud and clear. Watching movies on this tablet is totally worth it.

The USB type-C port is located on the right side of the Galaxy Tab S7+, right in the middle between the two right speakers. On the other side, there’s only the mic hole between the two left speakers.

Now at the bottom of the tab, there is the keyboard connector in the middle and two holes on the left and right side for the placeholder slot to attach the keyboard. Also, the keyboard will stick to the tab with magnet that holds it in place. So yes, you can attach and detach the keyboard whenever you need it or don’t need it. Also to note that when you attach the keyboard, the device will notify whether you want to switch to Samsung Dex mode or remain in tablet mode.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

At the back of the tablet (still looking in landscape mode), the dual camera setup is located at the top right side. Next to it in the top middle part is a magnetised strip to attach the S-Pen onto the tablet. The S-Pen will be charged wirelessly when it is attached at the back. And the magnet is pretty strong too, holding the S-Pen in place even when I was moving a lot.

Now the back cover attached to the tab with magnet as well. Once it is attached, it feels sturdy and you know it won’t come off. At the top part, there is an opening pocket that covers the S-Pen perfectly. It also acts as a storage space for the S-Pen so that you won’t lose it. Now you can lift up the flap at the bottom part of the back cover to create a stand for the tablet, letting you use the tab like a laptop.

I like the feel of the whole book cover keyboard when it is fully attached to the Galaxy Tab S7+. Everything feels right in place. And it is very easy to quickly convert the device from tablet mode into laptop mode.

The S-Pen has been upgraded from the one on the Tab S6. The super responsive and high precision input by the S-Pen onto the display is superb. I can say that it is 5x more precise than on the previous Tab S6 and much, much smoother to use. I enjoyed my time scribbling and writing on this Tab S7+, and again it made my handwriting so much nicer.

And this is how it looks like at its full glory.

Speaking of full glory, here are the full specification of the new Galaxy Tab S7+:

  • SoC: Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ (7 nm+), Octa-core (1×3.09 GHz Kryo 585 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 585
  • GPU: Adreno 650
  • OS: Android 10, One UI 2.5
  • Memory: 128GB 6GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, 512GB 8GB RAM
  • Display:
    Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    12.4 inches, 446.1 cm2 (~84.6% screen-to-body ratio)
    1752 x 2800 pixels, 16:10 ratio (~266 ppi density)
    HDR10+, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Battery: Li-Po 10,090 mAh, non-removable, Fast charging 45W
  • Camera:
    13 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/3.4″, 1.0µm, AF
    5 MP, f/2.2, 12mm (ultrawide), 1.12µm
  • Selfie Camera: 8 MP, f/2.0, 26mm (wide), 1/4″, 1.12µm
  • Sensors: Fingerprint (under display, optical), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, Samsung DeX
  • Colours: Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver

Performance & Usage

Now the idea of using a tablet is more towards productivity and work. The smaller tablets such as the Tab A series by Samsung are focused on multimedia and handling simple work tasks such as taking notes and reading. I do have my own personal Tab A device that I use on daily basis, mainly for social media management and digital marketing work. Simple and reliable. That’s all it is for.

As for this bad boy, I can do more than that. It is a tablet and a full fledged laptop all thanks to the Samsung Dex mode. With Samsung Dex, it feels more familiar. The layouts are similar to what we are used to on a desktop PC. Only difference is that this is fully Android and touch screen. Browsing, switching screens and tabs, scrolling and the whole user experience are optimised to be more intuitive for anyone. I think I spent more time in Samsung Dex mode rather than tablet mode.

But you don’t have to be in Dex mode all the time too. Normal tab mode worked just as well. My first initial browsing experience works better than my normal desktop PC. Pages somehow loads much faster, all thanks to the super fast and powerful Snapdragon 865+ SoC coupled with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This website loads within 1 second the first time it fired up. That to me is bloody fast. My usual laptop took about 8 seconds to fully load but the Galaxy Tab S7+ took only 1 second. That is a huge difference in speed.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

And speaking of speed, I managed to gauge the overall performance with Antutu Benchmark. The benchmark score is expected for this flagship chipset. Most of the recent devices that I reviewed scored below 300k but this Galaxy Tab S7+ managed a total score of 562,995. That is a flagship score, on par with most of the latest gaming smartphones out there.

With all that power, multi-tasking should be a breeze. I did try out a few times with the multi-tasking mode, browsing a website on one side and editing a photo on another. Everything works smoothly without any problems. On the quick launcher panel (located on the right side of the screen), there is a function where you can add your own shortcut for multi-tasking window. Just with one tap, you can launch two (or three) apps simultaneously in a multi-tasking window. This is a handy function when you multi-task most of the time.

And again, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is made for productivity and it is great at it. I actually put my laptop away the whole time I had the Galaxy Tab S7+ with me. I feel like I am using the future of laptops. If you’re into photo editing, there are tons of apps that you can use other than Photoshop. Same goes with illustration work. Office suites are abundance as well. To work on the Tab S7+ for excel or sheets are easy, just like a normal laptop. Only better.

The whole time I was using the Galaxy Tab S7+, I didn’t miss my laptop or desktop at all. I got everything I need with this tab. I can do work, watch movies and play games.

Since this is a high-end tablet with flagship specs, I didn’t waste any time to install my all time favourite graphic hungry game, PUBG Mobile. After installing the game, I set everything to run on its full high settings. I configured it to run on full HD, ultra frame rate, shadows, anti-aliasing, and everything is set to the highest graphic settings. And it is well worth it. Love the graphics. Love the large display and absolutely love playing the game on this tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

I would also like to add that I managed a total of 16 chicken dinners in my two weeks of using this tablet. The large display and powerful SoC plays a big role when it comes to awesome gameplay. And the large capacity battery of 10,090 mAh helps a lot in maintaining long gaming hours. Best of all, the device churns out awesome graphics without breaking a sweat and didn’t heat up at all. Love it. Also, I managed to keep it alive for a good 3 days before I have to plug-in the charger. That includes some gaming time and a little bit of work.

Don’t believe my 16 chicken dinners? I have it on screenshots and photo capture (just to show that I am really using the Tab S7+). And because of the Tab S7+, I became addicted to the game all over again. This triggered me to save some money to buy one for myself. But perhaps I will go for the new Tab S6 Lite instead.

As for security, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is secured by Knox just like the other flagships by Samsung. The fingerprint sensor is located under the display on the right side when you view it in landscape mode. If you’re a lefty, you won’t have an option to scan your fingerprint on the left side of the screen. You will have to use your right hand and finger to unlock the device. It’s totally fine anyways. The responsiveness to unlock the device with the fingerprint sensor is quite fast and accurate. I have no issues with this at all.

This time around I don’t have a section for photography in this review. To me, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is more of a work type of device rather than for photography. It kinda feel weird lounging this device around to shoot some photos on its large screen and it looks awkward too. Although it is not entirely made for photography in mind, the camera is not that bad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

Here I have a few sample photos that I managed to capture with the Galaxy Tab S7+…

The overall camera performance is good. Colours are natural and the focus is on point. Details on small objects looks good and I believe this tab is able to take some decent photos when used properly. Only that I don’t get to bring it along with me all the time for me to do just that. Like I said, it is more of a work tablet. And since this is a review unit, I do not want to bring it along with me while going around town with my family on the weekends unless I’m staying indoors. So to be on the safe side, I did not fully test the camera’s potential.


Having this device for two weeks seemed like too short for me. I didn’t want to part with it. I enjoyed every minute with it. I spent most of my free time using it. I have been looking or rather surveying for a new tablet for me to replace my Tab A, one with more power and great for work on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

Since I have been using this Galaxy Tab S7+, I simply fell in love with everything about it. Design is beautiful. The finishing touches are amazing and most of all, it feels great. I did not find any flaws in this tab. So if you’re asking me about the pros and cons, I only have the pros.

I don’t really mind the weight because at this size, I do expect it to be heavy. Well, not that heavy anyway. The S-Pen works great and feels so natural when writing noted or drawing weird looking stickman. One advice though, if or when you get yourself this new Galaxy Tab S7+, get yourself a book cover keyboard as well. It is totally worth it and with it, you won’t lose your S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Review - Ultimate Android Workforce

Samsung has made yet another great device, in my opinion. I called last year’s Galaxy Tab S6 as the best Android tablet of 2019, and now I’m calling this Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ as the best Android tablet of 2020.

You can head over to Samsung’s official webstore to purchase this awesome tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is priced at RM4,599.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+






Camera Quality







  • Powerful workforce
  • Sleek premium design
  • Long lasting battery
  • Great for gaming
  • Many possibilities


  • Can't find any cons.
  • Except that it's not waterproof.
  • But who the heck want to bring this tablet for a swim?
  • That's just silly.
  • K thx bye...

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