Malaysia’s Largest Gamers Gathering Coming in December

One of Malaysia’s largest gamer gatherings is coming back this December, and it promises some really exciting activities and over RM200k worth of giveaways for game lovers.

ServerDNA5: The Celebration of Gamers, organised by serverDNA, is a 18 hours, 2 day event that will feature a wide array of gaming activities, performances, industry talks, and free giveaways. It will be held online this coming 5th – 6th December 2020.

This time around, serverDNA promises a much bigger, bolder, and better online entertainment experience for gamers with non-stop activities taking place throughout the entire 2 days.

ServerDNA5 expects to draw in a massive online crowd, ranging from gamers, gadget lovers, industry players, anime enthusiasts, cosplayers, and more.

Malaysia’s Largest Gamers Gathering Coming in December

Famous gaming influencers and streamers will also be joining the event together with pro- team captains and top gadget brands, making it a great opportunity for participants to connect and mingle with them. Insightful industry talks will also be held throughout the event, where key figures in the gaming industry will share their insights and experiences.

Sessions will include topics on pro-gaming, content creation, technology, and esports industry developments, with opportunities to win some exclusive gaming gear throughout the sessions.

ServerDNA hopes that these sessions will be useful for participants, especially for individuals pursuing a career in esports/gaming. The 2 day event will also feature many fun and rewarding activities for participants online.

Malaysia’s Largest Gamers Gathering Coming in December

Activities include the following:

  • Brands and technology sharing can be expected from Natasha Hashim, who will be moderating sessions. Watch as notable brands introduce and present the best in class technology offerings and join in with a random guest in a LIVE Q&A with the brands and interaction on Live Social Media. Also, win that one new product on every session lucky
  • A Live Game Themed Cosplay Showcase and Competition where participants will be able to see many exciting costumes by cosplayers and an exclusive miHoYo themed Fan art competition and best screenshot award where artists share their best
  • Live performances and Worldwide Guest Judge appearances moderated by KING ANGEL.
  • MOUSEPAD PARTY, a 3-hour continuous giveaway with emcee star FLAVA, where products come from Intel, Seagate, LG, Monster, AMD, Sades, Logitech, and many more.
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Tune in to Notable Person on interest Live on ServerDNA 5, The event will feature a special appearance by Jason Paige, the singer of the Pokemon Theme Song.

Founded with a mission to cultivate a healthy and inclusive community for gamers and tech owners, serverDNA’s initiatives have propelled the company to become one of the leading community development brands in Malaysia’s gaming industry.

Malaysia’s Largest Gamers Gathering Coming in December

Back in 2019, their flagship events: serverDNA4, broke the record for the largest onground gamers gathering, with a turnout of over 5000 participants. At the height of the pandemic in June 2020, serverDNA Live! Online broke yet another record, garnering over 5000 live viewers watching the stream totaling to over 180k minutes in viewership time.

This time around, serverDNA aims to set a new record, breaking over 10,000 viewers in this upcoming 2-days event, by creating a far better experience with tremendous value for people out there.

Interested participants can register for the event and lucky-draw slots via their official website here.

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