Snap Your Food And Eat It Too In The #GalaxyAwesome Contest!

The secret to Instagram-worthy food pictures? A good atmosphere, an awesome camera, and patience. It’s the little details like incorporating hands into the photo, utensils, or even unique floor tiles that draw different elements into the photo, adding mood to the picture.

Whether you are snapping an avocado toast for fun or shooting for Foodstagram fame, it is now the time to make your audience droll over your mouth-watering food photos! What you capture is a reflection of your creativity so we would say give it your all in the second theme of the #GalaxyAwesome Contest – #AwesomelyYummy, from 15 – 28 November 2020!

Snap Your Food And Eat It Too In The #GalaxyAwesome Contest!

What You Need To Do

  • Step 1: Follow the @SamsungMalaysia Instagram account
  • Step 2: Take a creative picture of your food
  • Step 3: Post it on your Instagram feed with the hashtags #GalaxyAwesome, #AwesomelyYummy, and tag @SamsungMalaysia and 2 of your friends to follow Samsung Malaysia
  • Step 4: Be sure to set your Instagram profile to public

What’s In It For You?

A chance to win one of these Galaxy A smartphones just by sharing your love for food!

Winner CategoryQuantityPrize
Grand Prize1Galaxy A31 worth RM999
2nd Prize1Galaxy A21s worth RM899
3rd Prize1Galaxy A11 worth RM529

For more information about the #GalaxyAwesome contest, please visit: Terms and conditions apply.

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