ASUS Announces VivoWatch SP

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Intelligent 24/7 companion for easier health management


  • Embedded ECG and PPG sensors: Track pulse transit time (PTT), heart rate, pulse O2, Body Harmony index, sleep, activity and de-stress level.
  • ASUS HealthConnect: Companion app features blood pressure and heart rate management, period tracking, medication reminders and health data sharing.
  • Personalized health advice: ASUS HealthAI technology enables personalized health-management tips based on health measurements and personal habits.

ASUS today announced VivoWatch SP, an intelligent wearable health tracker featuring a pair of electricalgraphy (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors that offers 24/7 health and fitness monitoring and insights to help wearers maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.

VivoWatch SP works together with the ASUS HealthConnect smartphone app, enabling wearers to track heart rate, exercise, sleep and a variety of other health categories, and manage and record blood pressure in an intuitive and easy way. Exclusive ASUS HealthAI technology then provides personalized health-management tips based on health measurements and personal habits.

Day and night health tracking

VivoWatch SP features a pair of electricalgraphy (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, enabling it to calculate pulse transit time (PTT) as well as measure heart rate, sleep and activity and stress levels throughout the day, giving wearers a variety of insights for better health management.

With its ECG sensor, VivoWatch SP measures the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic response and calculates a Vitality Index and Relax Index in just one minute. The Vitality Index is a score of resiliency to stress, while the Relax Index is a score of the current relaxation or stress level. The two scores are then used to calculate a Body Harmony Index that gives wearers an easy to understand view of their body’s overall stress response.

ASUS HealthConnect

ASUS VivoWatch works with ASUS HealthConnect, an intuitive mobile app featuring exclusive HealthAI technology that helps users manage their health data and provides personalized health-management tips based on health measurements and personal habits. With the ASUS HealthConnect app, users can view information about their blood pressure, heart rate, exercise, stress levels, sleep quality and menstrual cycle.

ASUS VivoWatch SP tracks wearers’ health data throughout the day and night, enabling them to get a fuller picture of their cardiovascular health than occasional measurement may reveal. Exercise and activity data captured includes daily step counts, distance traveled, calories burned and workout duration. An intuitive de-stress level measurement provides an easy-to-understand summary of daily stress levels based on heart-rate variability (HRV). Larger variations in heart rate may indicate lower stress levels and better health. VivoWatch SP also measures the wearer’s heart rate, sleep duration and movement throughout the night. The ASUS HealthConnect app analyzes and compiles this information into daily and weekly graphs for an insightful look into sleep quality.

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ASUS HealthConnect now also includes period tracking, enabling women to estimate ovulation and fertility windows, record symptoms, discover patterns in their menstrual cycle and gain insights into their overall health.

Exercise and fitness tracking

ASUS VivoWatch SP is also a smart fitness companion and coach. It features a built-in Pulse O2 sensor that measures blood oxygen saturation, which lets wearers know how well their body is adjusting to exercise and when it is time to rest and catch their breath. VivoWatch SP is also able to detect aerobic heart-rate and provides visual and vibration notifications when wearers are performing healthy aerobic exercise or overexerting themselves.

A GPS sensor enables tracking of outdoor workouts with a variety of activity stats, including speed, distance and duration. Additionally, an altimeter lets wearers view their current altitude and an elevation graph when they are hiking or climbing.

To help wearers achieve daily fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle, ASUS VivoWatch SP lets wearers see the number of steps they take and floors they climb throughout the day and provides stand reminders for encouragement to stand up and move on a regular basis.

Your 24/7 smart assistant

ASUS VivoWatch SP is designed to be a 24/7 smart assistant that can go almost anywhere. It is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters, so it can be worn while swimming or while out in the elements. VivoWatch SP delivers up to 14 days of battery life in normal operation, making it a constant companion that is always there to help guide wearers to better health.

With a universal design that accepts standard quick-release watch bands, wearers can easily change the look of VivoWatch SP to match their personal style and fit any occasion. VivoWatch SP also features a variety of attractive watch faces to choose from, providing more options for wearers to create a watch that is truly their own.


ASUS VivoWatch SPRM1,499NOW2 Years

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