Blitzwolf BW-AT2C Smartwatch Review – Bluetooth Phone on Your Wrist

Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch review
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Having a smartwatch nowadays is quite normal for many people. There many types of available smartwatches that are available almost everywhere and made by popular brands and lesser known ones alike. But not many of those can support Bluetooth call functions. By call functions, I meant talking to your wrist for calls, just like in Star Trek. 

Now you don’t have to invest lots of money to have that because Blitzwolf has that exact function at a much cheaper price. And best of all, it works like a charm. 

Let me introduce you to Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch and fitness tracker. It has all the usual health monitoring functions but it can also double as a phone for quick calls to your favourite contacts. And you can do all that without pulling out your phone from your pocket or bag. 

Not only that is a great function to have on a smartwatch, but it is also very cool to use. As I tested the smartwatch, I’ve used the Bluetooth call function all the time. It feels cool and futuristic, that is what a smartwatch should function. And the idea of a smartwatch is to minimize the use of a phone especially when you’re on the move. 

First, let me start from the beginning.

Blitzwolf BW-AT2C: First Look

As usual, I got my Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch from website. Banggood is now my go-to website for anything techie and cool gadgets. And when I saw the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C, I knew I had to give it a try. 

Delivery took just over a week to reach my doorstep. And the package is wrapped nicely with bubble wrap. The Blitzwolf BW-AT2C came in an elongated box. It is quite big but I guess the watch itself will be big and rugged. I was right. It is bigger and thicker than usual but it has a rugged look and feels solid. 

The shell is made of plastic. It may look like it is made using a cheap plastic material and the watch strap is made of silicone with a quick release pin for easy replacement. Although it has a cheap look, what’s hiding underneath is something worth the money. 

In the box, there is also the charger cable with the standard USB type-A and magnetized charger pins. Attaching the charger pins to the watch is very snappy and it holds well. Since the charging port is in the rear side of the shell, you will have to take off the watch to charge it. 

The 400mAh battery lasts a very long time. On full charge, the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C can last more than a week and to charge it up to 100% took less than an hour. Very impressive indeed. 

I received the grey colour variant. It looks quite good on my wrist with its rugged features but I do feel like it is quite big. It measures about 52x52x12mm in size and it weighs about 55g. It looks big but I don’t feel the weight on my wrist, which is a good thing. 

At the back of the watch, there’s the sensor module to monitor your heart rate as well as other health monitoring features like SpO2 level, Blood Pressure and sleep tracking. Above the sensor is the earlier said charging port. 

There are two buttons on the right side of the watch. One says “Open” and the other says “Down”. Basically, the one that says Open is also a wake function and once you scroll the screen left or right, pressing it will bring you back to the main page. The Down button however, will let you scroll downwards when you’re in any menu and also to scroll through the menu from the main page. In between the two buttons, there is a microphone hole to pick up your voice during a call. 

Now on the left side of the watch is the speaker. So when you’re in a call, sound will come out from this end. The sound quality is to my surprise, loud and clear. Having a conversation is good. On another note, if you turn on any music on your phone while the phone mode is on, sounds from the music app will be played from the watch’s speaker. 

The overall look of Blitzwolf BW-AT2C is good. It has that rugged look and is quite sturdy. One thing that you have to take note of is that the watch is IP54 certified so you cannot take it swimming with you and not entirely protected against dust. However, it can still survive small splashes or water sprays. 

Blitzwolf BW-AT2C: Functions

To get your phone synced up with the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C, first you have to install an app called Da Fit. You can find it on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Having the app on both platforms means that the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C is highly compatible. I have it installed for my Android phone so that’s what I’m using. Best of all, I can have all the data to sync with Google Fit app as well. 

Accessing the menu is a little bit different. Swiping towards the right will bring you to each of the function pages like steps, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, training function, phone function, blood pressure reading, SpO2 level reading, Weather, Shutter (to control your phone’s camera shutter) and Player (to control music app). The menu pages on this one doesn’t go in a loop so to go back to the main watch screen, you have to either swipe towards the left again or simply press the “Open” button. 

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Now swiping from the main watch screen towards the left will bring you to the menu where you need to swipe up and down to select the functions you want. From here you can access basically the same as swiping right earlier but with an additional menu for settings and play a game called Young Bird. It is basically a Flappy Bird game but with a name change made for this watch so you can kill some time.

The Blitzwolf BW-AT2C can also be used as your health and activity tracker. The sensor at the back of the watch is able to track your daily activities but it doesn’t have as much specific sport options. It only comes with Walking, Running, cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball and Football. With the sports functions, it can constantly monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen level and the amount of calories burnt during any of those activities. 

I don’t find that the lack of training program monitoring is a disadvantage because the Training mode is able to capture more than enough information that is needed. For me it is made to keep it simple and easy to start any activities you have in mind with just a single tap in the menu. 

As for the heart rate monitoring, it worked well. I can say that it is quite accurate because I have compared it with the two recently reviewed Mi Band 6 and the Honor Band 6. All of them including the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C captured almost the same amount of heart rate at one time. You can also have the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C to continuously monitor your heart rate throughout the day and have it warn you when there’s any abnormal heartbeat. 

In the Da Fit app, you can see there’s two heart rate monitoring functions. One is to monitor your highs and lows and the other is the continuous heart rate monitor. From this app, you can get better insights of your health stats. 

Apart from the heart rate monitoring, the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C will be able to track your SpO2 level as well. That is for the blood oxygen level in your body. And again, the reading is quite accurate as well because I did the same comparison with the Mi Band 6 and Honor Band 6. 

The Blitzwolf BW-AT2C also has a blood pressure level monitoring function. For this, I have to compare it with another previously reviewed Blitzwolf BW-HL3 smartwatch. Both readings are almost identical. The blood pressure reading is just for your own reference and may not entirely be accurate. It will only help you with a reference and not for actual medical use. 

The main selling point for the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C is the Bluetooth call function. I have said this earlier in this post and I’m sure this function will come in handy for you. I usually turn the phone mode on when I’m driving in case anyone calls me. It also has a Recent Call, Dial Pad and Contacts (up to 8 favourite contacts) in the phone menu for easy access. You can easily assign your favourite contacts from the Da Fit app. 

it is also good to note that the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch comes with tons of watch faces that you can choose from in the Da Fit app. The amount of available watch faces are awesome. I am having a tough time selecting the best one that I can use and I am drown in so many options.


The Blitzwolf BW-AT2C is a cool watch to have. I love the rugged look of it and the colour option that I choose is nice. They also have it in black and army green. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a Bluetooth call enabled smartwatch, this is a great watch to consider. Calls are loud and clear. You don’t actually have to place the watch close to your mouth while talking because the microphone is able to pick up your voice from up to a meter away. I’ve tested this and it works. The person on the other line is still able to hear me even when I’m not wearing the watch and I can hear him too. Big plus point here.

I love the battery life span. It can stay on standby for more than 2 weeks and just over a week if I have it on me all the time to continuously monitor my health. The huge battery is another plus point for the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch.

You can get the Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch now at website. I can tell you this, I browse the website almost on a daily basis now because I find that the website offers great discounts and has an awesome collection of tech gadgets. Delivery for my Blitzwolf BW-AT2C smartwatch took close to 2 weeks but it is worth all the wait. 

What are you waiting for? Go get one for yourself now only at It is currently on sale for US$45.50 or roughly about RM190 in Malaysian Ringgit. 

Blitzwolf BW-AT2C Smartwatch


Build Quality




Functions and Features







  • Long lasting battery
  • Bluetooth calls
  • Rugged look
  • Nice screen
  • Cheap


  • Big for small hands
  • Not fully water/dust proof

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