Win Prizes Up To RM9,499 with Our Latest Hashtag – #FurTheWinMY*

Looking for a way to upgrade your at-home viewing experience? Then you are in for a lucky treat! Stand a chance to win a Samsung Lifestyle TV worth up to RM9,499 and/or a Samsung Soundbar worth RM499 by joining our #FurTheWinMY* challenge. So, get your creative juices flowing and build an innovative home for any of your pets, with leftover cardboards from your online shopping sprees. Then, just snap a photo and upload it onto Instagram with a caption of your pet’s best traits and the required tags.

Unleash your inner artist when you design and decorate your eco-friendly pet homes. Try different techniques to spruce up your project – use the impasto approach on the roof to add texture, or paint the cardboard homes to mimic a house. You can go monochromatic, or add an eccentric flair to your project by matching opposite colours on the colour wheel – like purple vs yellow and orange vs turquoise. Whichever colour palette and decorations you choose to go with, just remember to have fun!

Among the prizes to be won, Samsung Lifestyle TVs are designed to be both entertainment and aesthetic display devices for your home. Whether you want to watch your favourite movies in vivid detail, or alternate among digital displays of your favourite art pieces, the devices are guaranteed to enhance your viewing pleasure to the next level.

Don’t miss out on being part of a great initiative and a chance to win amazing prizes, from today until 19 September 2021. For more information on how to participate in our #FurTheWinMY* Eco Pet Home Challenge, visit:

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