OPPO RENOVATORS Portrait Photography Contest Ultimate Winners Announced

After over a month of stiff competition from thousands of talented mobile photographers, the OPPO RENOVATORS Portrait Photography contest has finally come to an end, with the best entries announced as Ultimate winners.

Johorean Christine Teo was crowned OPPO Malaysia’s very first OPPO Renovator and took home the RM 4,000 cash prize and the RENOVATOR title. Meanwhile, runner-up Sharkawi Che Din and second runner-up Hafizan Ilias took home cash prizes of RM 2,000 and RM 1,000 respectively.

OPPO RENOVATORS 2021 was a competition for art and technology lovers around the world, which aimed to collaborate and co-create with top tier mobile photographers. Through RENOVATORS, OPPO looked to uncover hidden talents among photography enthusiasts and provide them with the correct platform to shine and have access to once-in-a-lifetime content creation opportunities.

For its first-ever RENOVATORS Portrait Photography Contest, OPPO partnered with Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)to reach out to the local mobile photography community and invite them to challenge themselves with the contest.

OPPO RENOVATORS Portrait Photography Contest Winners

Ultimate winner and newly crowned OPPO RENOVATOR Christine Teo’s entry captured judges’ attention with its composition, emotional connection as well as unique concept. Her winning portrait photo was inspired by how Malaysia, as a nation, has pulled through the difficulties posed by the pandemic – represented by the darkness in the photo – but always continued smiling – a symbol of our strength.

As a RENOVATOR, Christine will be engaged by OPPO and KLPF for content creation opportunities for the brands’ upcoming campaigns. On top of that, she will also be invited to experience OPPO’s new smartphones in advance for the coming year.

With 10 years of experience in mobile photography under her belt, OPPO believes that Christine will be able to find new ideas and inspirations from their collaboration, thanks to the constantly evolving photography features in future generations of OPPO smartphones.

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Runner-up Sharkawi Che Din received RM2,000 cash prize for his artistic take of a Merdeka emotion in portrait. Featuring his younger daughter in his winning photo, Sharkawi shared that he enjoys documenting her childhood through mobile photography.

Ultimate Winners of First-Ever OPPO RENOVATORS Portrait Photography Contest

Sharing his sentiment is second runner-up Hafizan Ilias, who loves documenting his family and cites them as his inspiration. Hafizan took home RM 1,000 cash prize with his expressive portrait photo.

The first ever RENOVATORS Portrait Photography Contest saw mobile photographers from all walks of life come together, transforming intangible emotions into portraits, each in their own way. Participants were given two categories to pick from– #MYEmotionInPortrait and #MerdekaInPortrait – in line with the Reno6 series that was launched just a couple of months ago.

The Portrait Expert, OPPO Reno6 series was launched just recently in August, bringing advanced portrait photography capabilities to Malaysians. The smartphone continues OPPO Reno’s pursuit of excellent imaging and advances portrait experiences further with enhanced AI systems and an intuitive user interface that captures every emotion, in portrait.

Packed with features that are designed to enhance portraits such as bokeh flare portrait, focus tracking and AI Palette, the OPPO Reno6 series is the perfect tool for both amateur and professional mobile photographers to showcase Malaysians’ real emotions in portrait.

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