PUBG Mobile Collaborates With Baby Shark To Drop Various Themed In-Game Items

Baby Shark exclusive items will be available until 20 November 2021

PUBG MOBILE never stopped innovating and they are back with a new collaboration with Baby Shark to entertain the players and communities. Baby Shark is a children’s song by Pinkfong from a South Korean entertainment company that has become a global phenomenon.

Its dance video is the most viewed video on YouTube with over 7 billion views. This collaboration brings a variety of cute and captivating Baby Shark items to the battlefield including the Baby Shark Parachute, Baby Shark Pan, Baby Shark Costume Set, Baby Shark Graffiti, and Baby Shark Dance which allows players to dance in the game.

PUBG Mobile Collaborates With Baby Shark To Drop Various Themed In-Game Items

All players can obtain the exclusive items from the collaboration of PUBG MOBILE X Baby Shark for free! Invite friends to join the “Redemption Event” and complete various missions every day to redeem and collect as many “Little Fish” items and get the Baby Sharks Set suit and Baby Sharks dance permanently.

Aside from that, Baby Sharks items are available in exclusive offers on a limited basis during the collaboration period. Players can get the Baby Shark Backpack and Baby Shark parachute for only half the price at 450UC, which previously costed at 900UC. Baby Shark items such as Baby Shark Graffiti, Baby Shark Spaces, Baby Shark Pan, and Baby Shark songs can be found in the “Shop” menu.

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To add more excitement to this collaboration, PUBG MOBILE held another event called “Dance With Baby Shark”, for players to win a permanent Baby Shark Suit. Players are required to record their version of Baby Shark’s cute dancing moves and upload it to their social media with a predetermined hashtag. For more details, please visit PUBG MOBILE Malaysia’s Instagram page here.

Lastly, PUBG MOBILE has another new partnership and collaboration with the most anticipated blockbuster movie, Dune. The collaboration offers unique Dune themed items such as Dune Graffiti, Dune Pan, and Dune Parachute, that can be obtained by completing various missions during the collaboration period from 15 October 2021 until 11 November 2021.

Invite your friends to join the events and get a variety of these exclusive items only on PUBG MOBILE.

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