Generate More Leads For Your Business With The Top 4 CRM WordPress Plugins

Introduction on top CRM WordPress Plugins

There are plenty of resources which could leverage unsaid benefits to your business. Be your online or offline presence, when you know taking advantage of the best resources, you cannot just add to your network, leads, in fact grow your ROI.  

Along With that, using the right platform can help you grow and nurture your network in an effortless manner which will in turn benefit your business on a longer run.

WordPress is one such renowned resource used by businesses world over. It can surely help in bringing more leads, and gain more profit for the business. Not just that, when used with certain plugins, it can become more reliable to bring in easy leads for your brands! Intrigued!?

Well, let us help you with the complete insight on the CRM WordPress plugins and help you choose the most suitable one for your business.

What is CRM WordPress Plugin?

WordPress could surely be more than just a blog for your business provided CRM WordPress Plugins are used. It can be turned into an ecommerce operational site. It could also be a boon for you in case you have no online presence. WordPress website helps you stay consistent with your business information, as it keeps you up-to-date with the pertinent information.

Be it information related to the products, or a platform to showcase your customer’s feedback; WordPress could be your one-stop-solution.

With one reliable CRM plugin, you can add your contacts or customers’ contact better for proper user management. All the history and relevant details are tracked easily as they are stored in a systematic manner.

Tracking the future prospects visiting your website becomes effortless. Tasks such as importing the contacts from different sources, storing becomes easier. All such files are stored in CSV format.

Along with that CRM plugin for WordPress offers tools which help in signup form building. All the new entries in these forms are then stored in the CRM database, further helping the business in researching around their customer base and a lot more.    

Additionally, with the CRM WordPress plugin, reporting becomes easier as it can convert the dashboard into a comprehensive and insightful reporting tool. There are many more benefits offered to the business, however, it is important to have a look at the top CRM WordPress Plugins.

Let us know more…

What are the best CRM WordPress Plugins available?

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is considered to be the topmost option when it comes to adding efficiency to the core business processes as well as adding value to the process of capturing leads. Let us have a look at the pros and cons:


  • Plugin codes are easy to begin with.
  • Salesforce can help in easy designing of Webforms.  
  • Most powerful CRM.  
  • Contact form can be placed anywhere on the website.  
  • Easy account & contact management, opportunity management.  
  • Top marketing tools available.


  • No free versions.
  • Professional help needed.

2. Pipedrive

If your business is looking for smart chatbots and live chatting options, this could be your go-to-options. Here are its pros and cons:


  • Chat bots to help increase productivity, schedule meetings etc.
  • Round-the clock online support available.
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  • No free versions.
  • Telephonic support not available.

3. Ninja Forms

One of the topmost choices for building forms. Here are some of the most important features to be focused:


  • User friendly, easy to use drag and drop features for form creation.  
  • Least coding needed.  
  • Easy payment options.  
  • Better lead generation aided.


  • No free versions

4. HubSpot

Also, known as one of the most powerful marketing tools. This is one of the easy-to-use free CRM plugins for WordPress.

There are many demos available to help you with installation and customization.


  • Free plan, easy to use versions.  
  • Email-marketing functionally available.


  • Free plan has limited features.
  • Paid versions/upgrades are not budget friendly.

These are top 4 CRM WordPress plugins which are widely used these days by most of the small, mid-sizes as well as large businesses depending on their needs.

How to choose the most suitable CRM WordPress Plugins?

Do you think you need to go with the basic options or the advanced field customization & impactful integration offered by CRM WordPress plugins? Well, there cannot be any specific answer!

Your business requirement along with some additional understanding can help you choose the most suitable option for your business. Let us dive deep to know more:

  • Look for drag and drop builders, easy-to-do shortcuts for contact management.
  • Choose a CRM option with multiple database options when your business needs are such; for example, storing and customizing the customer information.
  • Focus on the type of reports generated and features of reports as per your business needs.
  • In order to convert your customers, you would be required to look for visual pipeline management features.
  • Better messaging tools and options can help you connect better with your existing as well as future customers.
  • You can also be needed to choose a clean interface to help your resources while they manage your customers.
  • Try looking for WooCommerce integrations, invoicing tools or task schedulers in case you think they are top priorities for your business like the majority of the businesses these days.
  • Choosing a platform with better search bars and related features can also help the core business, so do not forget to keep them checked.

All-in-all it can be said that you need to cross check the features being offered by the plugins and compare them with the business needs you have before you are ready to make a sound decision.   


All these benefits and many more could be availed of for your business, provided you make sure to choose the most suitable CRM WordPress Plugin. You can choose the plugin based on various factors, such as the features offered vs business requirements, budget and much more.

Make sure you do comprehensive research and seek professional help if needed. Nonetheless, we would recommend Salesforce for most of the business sizes and models owing to the features and functionalities offered by this platform.

To know more details, you can connect with a professional team and leverage the maximum benefits for your business.   

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