OPPO Malaysia Rewards VIP O-Fans and My OPPO App Users with First-Class Movie Premiere Experience

  • Last week, My OPPO App treated its VIP users to the movie premiere of The King’s Man
  • Aside from redeemable in-app rewards, OPPO will continue to reward My OPPO App users with more exciting workshops and unforgettable experiences

As a brand with the aim to connect users with more OPPO products in memorable ways, OPPO engages its users through first-hand experiences, experiential lifestyle workshops, product knowledge-sharing sessions, and more. To drive this, OPPO Malaysia connects with its users through its recurring O-Time workshops.

This time, My OPPO App users were invited to join OPPO to experience true cinematic luxury at the premium Aurum Theatre’s Getha Lux Suite, The Gardens, for the movie premiere of The King’s Man. On top of that, they were invited to join in the fun by dressing up in their best suits for a chance to take home the ‘Best Dressed’ prize.

OPPO O-time is part of OPPO’s commitment to express its gratitude to loyal consumers. OPPO continuously connects with them via the My OPPO App, a platform specially designed for OPPO users, and are pre-loaded on all new OPPO smartphones. With this app, OPPO users can enjoy membership benefits at just the tip of their fingers, while connecting with other OPPO users to discuss matters regarding their smartphones.

For those who want to be part of the educational fun and experiences in the future, stay tuned via the My OPPO App to receive the invitations first-hand.

For more information about the My OPPO App, visit: https://www.oppo.com.my/page/myoppoapp

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