A PC-like Experience, Powered by HUAWEI MatePad 10.4

In the market for a new tablet? HUAWEI has a new one you  might want to check out. The new HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 offers you the freedom and flexibility  you deserve to work and play anywhere like never before. Thanks to HUAWEI’s continued  commitment towards innovation in mobile tech, the new MatePad lets you use your tablet in  amazing and astounding ways, including like a PC. Connect it with a keyboard, a mouse and M 

pencil, and you’re all set to touch down and get right into email, browsing, and working. With its  thin and light design, the new MatePad can be easily carried around – making it perfect for people  who work on the go. 

Productivity Booster with Different Accessories 

When it comes to productivity, the HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 does just that, combining PC-like  performance using a keyboard and mouse with smart multitasking features that make for a  powerful productivity tool, whether you are on the go or at a desk connecting to a monitor, you  can be free from the issue of typing with onscreen keyboard and swiping on a screen.  

While the keyboard is undoubtedly the most important add-on here, there are other accessories  that you’ll want to consider. Pen input is definitely worth investigating. After all, tablets are  typically much easier to hold than laptops when you’re drawing or taking notes. If you think you’ll  want to put pen to screen at any point, it’s worth investing in a tablet with stylus support built in. 

HUAWEI Matepad 10.4 is basically a mini laptop with a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen. When you are on a business trip, HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 can be your perfect partner since it is not  only easy to carry but also equipped with plenty of fantastic functions.

You can transform your  tablet into a laptop with PC mode, or by projecting the screen of a compatible phone onto your tablet and working seamlessly across the two devices with Multi-screen Collaboration. If you need  to make a note, you can tap the tablet’s screen using a stylus pen to wake it up, so you’ll never  have to worry about losing those flashes of inspiration. 

Split the Screen for Better Efficiency 

One of the common struggles to getting things done on a tablet has been the inability to have  multiple windows or apps open simultaneously. There’s something to be said for focusing on the  task at hand. However, if your work demands looking at a webpage and typing a word-processing  document at the same time, you are stuck moving back and forth between apps. 

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In order to create a more efficient and convenient light-use office experience, HUAWEI MatePad  features the Multi-Window and App Multiplier functions. The Multi-Window makes operation  easier with the ability to open up to four (4) windows of different apps simultaneously; whereas the App Multiplier allows the tablet in landscape mode to fully utilise apps that do not natively  support landscape mode. 

The Tablet for Today and Tomorrow 

The HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 continues to strive to be the ultimate productivity machine for both  university students and young working professionals who embrace digitally fluid lifestyles. With  its various tools and peripherals empowering better efficiency and higher productivity,  compressed into a modern minimal form factor, the tablet earns its place as a must-have device  for modern digital warriors, making it the laptop alternative for working on the go, as well as entertainment like playing games and watching movies. 

Additionally, HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 is compatible with many apps from AppGallery such as WPS,  Jnotes and Touchnotes, which provide better writing and drawing experience compare to  traditional pen and paper to ramp up your productivity. HUAWEI AppGallery offers a diverse and  growing variety of local apps from productivity to entertainment to cater to the majority of users’  day-to-day needs 

Pricing, Availability and Free Gifts 

HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 

Priced at RM1,599 the HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 is available nationwide with free HUAWEI Smart  Keyboard* worth RM399 on the HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Official Store on Shopee or HUAWEI Flagship Store on Lazada.

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