New Best Projector In Town! – Inlab Senz Reviews

Always watching movies or even tv shows at home is definitely a plus point as compared with tv. Imagine being in a very comfortable position in your own beloved bedroom, or sofa and enjoying your favorite movies, that is nothing much more satisfying than this moment at all!

Moreover, there are a lot of times we wanted to have our own lazy days during the weekend, right? This is definitely a time that could really give you a comfortable time to be lazy at home and catch up on your favorite drama series or movies.

With all mentioned above, it can be done perfectly & suitable to all my needs with the affordable and brand new Home Cinema Projector – INLAB SENZ.


This lifesaver – INLAB Senz is actually a home cinema projector from the Brand INLAB that will launch very soon. INLAB Senz looks and feels premium from the inside out. The “atasness” has been dramatically increased by the design of minimalistic. White and Clean, I believe that is everyone’s favorite. To be honest, when I first took out the INLAB Senz, I was amazed by the weight. INLAB Senz has changed my thinking and imagination of a projector. I thought a projector must be bulky and huge in order to give the user the quality of cinema projection.

Inlab Senz Reviews

What’s in the box

Right after unboxing, we can see the INLAB Senz itself, a remote control, a power cable, and the user manual. Very simple. Which is nice.

Inlab Senz Reviews

How “Big” Is INLAB Senz

The dimension of INLAB Senz is about 29CM (L) x 22.1CM (W) x 9.5CM (H).

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Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps

Different Environment Friendly

Furthermore, I love how it is designed as a simple white, so it could go well on my setup with no hassle.

Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps

Easy-Peasy but Crucial

It is damn simple and and easy to to setup INLAB Senz and start operating at the most optimal condition,

SEE, FEEL, and HEAR the Real Godlike Quality, like how GSC always said.

I heard some projectors are not as per advertised, they can’t really support whatever it stated. But INLAB Senz “TAK SAMA”! It even outperformed my expectations. INLAB Senz mentioned they can support up to Native 4K quality images. It really does! In addition, the versatility is just insane. You will not believe until you try this with your own eyes. INLAB Senz just nails all the lighting environments I have tested. No matter if I tried under a dark, dimmed, and fulbright room, it still worked like flying colors.

Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps

And yet, the speaker of the INLAB Senz is a total “WOW”! I am not lying. It does not sound like a built-in speaker. As everyone should know, all products out there that have speakers built-in, are sucks, right? For example, like smart TV, Monitor, and some well known projectos out there. This is because INLAB Senz does not go easy on every detail, hence their speakers are Dolby Atmos certified sound systems.

Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps

The INLAB Senz works, not me.

Besides, INLAB Senz has a critical feature that is a MUST to the world right now. So-called Smart feature. I think you have already guessed it, yes, Android OS. Indeed, INLAB Senz helps me by forgetting about all the mess and cords. With Android OS, it has all the worldwide well known applications pre-installed as well as ready to install (if you wish to). It also has wireless mirroring too (can be done from smartphones) to ease the hell out of everybody.

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Moreover, INLAB Senz also comes with Bluetooth which I can just link and pair my external headphones or speakers to it to enjoy further. By the way, I’ve tried all the wireless features, I don’t see any latency at all, at least through human eyes. 

INLAB Senz got your back.

Big thanks to INLAB Senz who does not abandon the great I/O ports. INLAB Senz provides all great IO ports such as 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and 1 3.5MM headphone jack. This allows me to connect some of my older devices that have no wireless connectivity. How sweet.

Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps

Electronic Mechanism that brings up the game

Despite how permium a product looks, if the product requires a lot of inconveniences and manual work, the product’s premiumness will definitely drop. Human eyes can be lied to, but the using experience can’t. I surely feel that this is another game changing feature that INLAB Senz has recognised and emphasized.

With that being said, INLAB Senz has electronic focusing and 4-sides keystones adjusting functions that can either be adjusted from the remote or the big knob. The stepping feedback of the rotary knob that used to adjust focus is just so smooth and tasty. I can easily control the speed of rotating. The 4-sides keystones allow me to fit INLAB Senz at all the corners I wanted to place.

Astro Now Offering Standalone Broadband With Astro Fibre, Speeds Of Up To 800 Mbps


Wait! I haven’t told you the price of INLAB Senz? Please let me conclude the INLAB Senz by discussing the price versus summary of what INLAB Senz can deliver to us above. To be honest, the price is super friendly to everyone, especially those who had less knowledge or know about projector, and wanted to try it out. And for those who are thinking of replacing their TV with a projector, look no further! You can now get a projector with an affordable price to enjoy your movies.. One year limited warranty with T&C applied.

Trust me, give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Why spend more when you can spend less?

For example, you need RM5000 to get a 65 inches TV, whereas INLAB Senz can shoot @ 120inces with optimized quality. Without breaking a hole in your wallet!

I believe you have made up your mind, please act now before it is selling very fast!

For more details, head over to INLAB website to know more or you can immediately make your purchase at INLAB SENZ page.

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