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Project365 #6: Speedy Hobby

Project365 – Day 6 It may be a toy or a craze for a normal person. But to those Tamiya enthusiast, this “toy” is more

Project365 #5: Lonely

Sometimes, being alone does not mean you’re lonely. Note: From now on, my Project365 photos will be posted from my Instagram account. Follow me and

Project365 #4: Passing Through

Project365 – Day 4 Evening comes, rush hour begins. Citizens from the town making their way back to their dwells trying the beat the rush

Project365 #3: Full of Zest

Project365 – Day 3. What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make sure you have an ice cold tea to go with it!

The One and Only

Project365 #2: The One and Only

Project365 – Day 2. Often, we would go by our day forgetting that we are not alone in the world who fails, who stumble, who

Project365 #1: Old Market

A place for shopping, it once was. Before high rise buildings were built around the Old Market. It is a place almost forgotten at the

Getting my hands on this

I’ve been in photography for a long time and conducted classes before as well but I didn’t buy any other lenses except for the Nikon