Review: Ninetology U9 R1 – The Slim Imaging Wonder

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Camera Functions and Sample Photos


This is one of my favourite. This little wonder snaps awesome and punchy looking picture outdoors. The colours are bright and vibrant, and I did not change any settings at all. This is straight from the camera with default settings. And no, I did not edit the photo as well, except that I add in my watermark only. Next.


Inside the building, the colour is less punchier. But still maintain the clarity and some details. The photos taken with the R1 is sharp and the autofocus is spot-on.


The next day I head over to Pavilion. Notice that this picture is clear? That is one of the things that I notice about the R1. It has a really good camera. At this point, I don’t mind the low specification of the platform. I will forget about the hardware. I’m just gonna use this phone for the camera (LOL). But on low light, I can start to see some “noise” in the picture. Noise means grainy, like little dots you see on a television when you don’t have any reception…back in the 90’s. Nevermind.


Indoors and low light, take a look at the pillar on the left side of the image. Can you see the “noise”? I don’t want to go into details on why it happened but briefly, on auto setting, high ISO is being used in low light. Higher ISO = more grains. This can be reduced by changing the ISO setting manually to about 100 or 200. But the picture will turn out darker.

What about close-up?


I have to thank my friend Bob for letting me take a picture of his Tamiya for this. Again, sharpness and details are obvious. Not much “noise” this time although it was taken outdoors at night because of the overhead light. To see the clarity and details, look at the tyres. Clear right?

Here it is again zoomed at 100%.


Actually, this is not bad coming from a phone’s camera. Some DSLR cameras can have problems getting an image this sharp. But this is really good. The R1 really packs a strong punch with its imaging capability. Hence why I called it The Slim Imaging Wonder.

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The Ninetology U9 R1 is simply a mid-range smartphone that is powered by Android. Well, all smartphones nowadays seems to be using Android anyway but what matters the most is what comes with it. I have nothing much to say about the hardware platform in the R1. The usual 1.2GHz quad core CPU with 1GB RAM, that is quite normal. The only downside that I don’t quite fancy is the 4GB of space. It can be better with at least 8GB of built-in space though. Oh yeah, and the battery performance too. It can be better with higher capacity. If they can address these issues for their next future phones and maintaining the superb camera, they will have a damn good entry level phone in their arsenal.

Bottom line is that the phone is slim and sleek, easy to use, small enough to be handled in one hand and suitable for those with small hands. The R1 will appeal more to the ladies who wants something slim. And for those who love taking selfies and use Instagram, they may love the camera clarity of the R1. The retail price for this small wonder is RM799 and is sold nationwide. [Find a dealer]

What I like:

  • Great camera
  • Slim, easily fit in jeans pocket
  • Standard Android “Vanilla” interface
  • Clear display (I didn’t mention this but yeah, display is crispy clear)

What I don’t like:

  • Battery life is below par
  • 4GB ROM/storage space is too low


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  1. bongkersz

    Neat review for a neat, pretty looking phone!

  2. K. Azwan

    The phone performed above my expectations, especially with the camera. I was satisfied with the photo quality. Not bad at all.

  3. deq kielah

    – ad stu kt umah –
    – tpi dh rosak –

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