Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

Malaysians like a few things in life. One is free stuffs, second is cheap stuffs. That we all can’t deny because Malaysians are cheap. But when it comes to buffet especially during Ramadhan month, not many restaurants offers cheap dining. How about having some cheap buffet and steamboat (and grill too) at Restoran Nelayan Gombak? Sounds good? Ok then.

Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

Restoran Nelayan Gombak offers affordable buffet dining for their customers this Ramadhan month where you can have some local delicacies as well as steamboat and grill. Yes, grill.

I was invited to attend their Ramadhan buffet launch a day before fasting begins. We were introduced to some famous local food, some international food and also their steamboat and grill concept. But I was quite disappointed that we didn’t get to sample their steamboat and grill buffet because they are Malaysians too. Yes…you guessed it…cheap.

I think I’m speaking on behalf of others bloggers there who kept their blog post as kind as possible, something like “cakap berlapik“. But not me. This is my honest review of the food served in Restoran Nelayan Gombak.

Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

They have these stalls all over the place. I would say that the setting and location is very welcoming. Everything is pretty. I have no complaints here except for the lack of parking space. We were introduced to a yummy looking roti jala magik, which looks good…and stays as that.

Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

Let me give another honest opinion. Most of the meat dishes such as the daging salai masak lemak cili api is a little bit hard to my taste, the lemon chicken is made to feel like Goodyear rubber, some chicken dishes taste a little bland and the roti jala magik taste like nothing. The “magik” is that it crumbles easily. Sorry guys, that’s my non-berlapik honest food review.

Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

On the up-side, the kuih-muih is good. I also like the su’un goreng which is really good. During my time dining there, I said to my friend that the only nice food at Restoran Nelayan Gombak is the keropok ikan but after sampling some other dishes (not the ones I mentioned earlier), they turned out to be okay. Oh, I have another thumbs-down. Their ice-cream is…powdery. Like they didn’t mix it well.

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I really have to give my honest food review here. I don’t want to give an excellent 5-star review and then when any of you go there to have your iftar, you got disappointed and started blaming me for lying. I will tell which one is good and which one is not. Also, my honest review will eventually let the management of Restoran Nelayan Gombak to check the quality of their food before serving out to customers. QC is important especially when it comes to food. Don’t make it look good but taste horrible.

Or maybe I am still feeling cross for not able to sample their yummy looking steamboat and grill buffet. They only put them out to show but not to eat except for one particular table. Yes, I’m still upset about that.

So there you go. My truly honest review of Restoran Nelayan Gombak’s Ramadhan buffet package. Those who wish to have some cheap buffet, go ahead and give them a try. Their prices are as below:

Cheap Ramadhan Buffet at Restoran Nelayan Gombak

Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa @ Gombak
Batu 8 3/4 Jalan Gombak Utara,
Kuala Lumpur (Near UIA)

Phone number : 03-61858400 / 013-2237228 / 03-2967228 / 019-2931397

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