PR Newswire Awarded Most Innovative News Distribution

PR Newswire Awarded

Staying at the Cutting Edge of Media Landscape Changes

Note: Congratulations to my media partner, PR Newswire and particularly Ms Christine Pereira for receiving the award.

PR Newswire, the premier global provider of news distribution and media monitoring services, has won the Most Innovative News Distribution award at the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) Golden Quill Media Awards held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 2, 2019.

The MGBF Golden Quill Media Awards organizers noted that the past 12 months had seen multiple changes in the media landscape and sought to recognize the organizations as well as individuals at the cutting edge of these changes.

“We are proud yet humbled to be recognized by the MGBF for our commitment to innovative news distribution which remains important despite changes in the media landscape in Malaysia and abroad,” said Christine Pereira, Senior Audience Development Executive, PR Newswire. “PR Newswire  has built a strong Asia Pacific syndication network with prominent media partners such as AsiaOne (Singapore), Yahoo Finance (Taiwan), Saigon Times (Vietnam), and Warta Ekonomi (Indonesia). Our clients may tap on our various multimedia and social media platforms to deliver engaging content to their target audiences. Our post-distribution reports also quantify the media attention, search engine visibility and web crawler hits generated by press releases and images to facilitate a more data-driven communications strategy.” Royce Shih, Vice President APAC Sales & Marketing at PR Newswire added, “We greatly value our partnership with businesses in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. This award demonstrates that our commitment to innovative news distribution — global media network, local media reach and multimedia platforms — is enabling our Asia Pacific clients to communicate their unique value to target audiences at home and on the international stage.”

PR Newswire Awarded

Connecting Journalists with Engaging Content

Outside Malaysia, the media landscape is also rapidly changing. Our team has been actively conducting research on this changing media landscape to gather insights that PR professionals may leverage on to enhance their communications strategies. For example, in the 2019 State of Media Report, Cision, PR Newswire’s parent company, asked 1,999 international journalists whether the availability of audience metrics such as views and engagement had changed the way they evaluated stories. A resounding 65 percent of these journalists admitted that these metrics had changed the way they evaluate potential stories. At the same time, budgetary pressures led to fewer resources, with 42 percent of respondents indicated that they worked on stories no more than a day in advance.

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As journalists grapple with audience metrics and resource constraints, PR professionals have an opportunity to become an increasingly important partner. Many journalists tend to publish what they consume, and the 2019 State of Media Report indicates that images (preferred by 27 percent of respondents), infographics (18 percent), personalized data analysis (16 percent) and videos (13 percent) are vital to creating immersive visuals and insights that are more likely to resonate with their audiences. As such, PR professionals may wish to craft their press releases in line with these preferences to strengthen media relationships.   

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