eGG Network partners with Yeefu by SaltyCustoms

This collaboration will enable esports personalities to launch
crowd-funded merchandise lines and raise funds for causes

eGG Network has today announced a partnership with Southeast Asia’s newest apparel branding platform, Yeefu by SaltyCustoms. This partnership will see Astro’s esports content division work with Yeefu to jointly design, manufacture, and distribute official merchandise for eGG Network’s talents, personalities, events, intellectual property assets, and other content projects.

“We’ve seen SaltyCustoms bring a youthful edge to the branded t-shirt printing and we are excited to work with Yeefu, SaltyCustoms’ latest innovation in the space. Through the passion of our esports and gaming fans, we are now able to crowdfund the production of official merchandise for our talents, the Facebook Gaming Creators under our management, as well as our other esports IP projects,” said CK Lee, Head of Sports, Astro.

Yeefu is a platform that takes care of the full merchandising needs of any artist, personality or brand. Creators on Yeefu can rally their fans to crowdfund these merchandising projects, and when a minimum pre-order quantity is met, Yeefu will see through the design, inventory, manufacturing process and last mile delivery. As earnings from the merchandise sales are channeled to the creators of a campaign, Yeefu can be used to raise funds for causes or charities.

“As the world changes and moves into the digital age, brands have more opportunities for fan engagement and conversation. Here at Yeefu, we exist to inspire and excite through meaningful merchandise. Both Yeefu and eGG Network have a common goal: to spread positivity and inspiration to the next generation. We’re excited to kick start this partnership, so be sure to stay tuned for updates,” said King Quah, Co-Founder of Yeefu.

Additionally, Yeefu had successfully helped two Malaysian YouTubers raise RM250,000 in revenue in under a month during its beta phase, according to Quah. Upon the launch of this partnership, both eGG Network and Yeefu will aim to hit RM1mil in revenue for causes or charities championed by talent and IP collaborations.

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The first line of merchandise will be released by Malaysian esports personality MasterRamen for crowdfunding in the coming weeks, followed by a range from Bhutan’s Dota 2 darling and former eGG Network host, PindaPanda. More details will be released on eGG Network and Yeefu’s Facebook pages. For more information on Yeefu, visit

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