OPPO Launched A Hot Christmas Event at the Malaysia OPPO Service Centers

During the week before Christmas, the OPPO Support team has launched interesting event to send out blessings while providing festive offers for users that come to the Service Centers, which have attracted many users to participate in the activities enthusiastically!

From December 21 to 25, 2021, 18 OPPO Service Centers in Malaysia has organized special Xmas event. The event provided exclusive benefits, for example, up to 30% off on spare parts maintenance for specified models, lucky draw with up to 30% off on maintenance fees and up to 15% off on phone accessories.

In addition, there is also Christmas key chain giveaway and Christmas DIY card that allows users to enjoy the fun of working on a hands-on card at home and extend good wishes to their friends and family through it.

At the same time, users can also be part of the online lottery contest and win the mobile phone, earphones, in addition to other big prizes.

Due to the epidemic, some may have worries about participating in Christmas events and OPPO is fully aware about our users concern. To ensure the safety of users when they took part in the event, OPPO Service Centers have arranged a strict prevention measure under the guidance of local policy and requirements.

In addition, we have provided hand sanitiser and free face masks to ensure our users can safely enjoy the Xmas events.

OPPO users’ great enthusiasm in this year’s Christmas event shows the success of this such kind of service event and close in the gap between the brand and its customers.

As for OPPO, customer service is more than just servicing, providing friendly and trustworthy after-sales support to create sentimental value for users is part of OPPO’s priority as well.   

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