OPPO Offers Flood Relief Assistance to Affected Users – #OPPOCare4U

To ensure that OPPO users get the care it needs in these unprecedented times, OPPO is offering support to all its users affected by the recent flash floods via its #OPPOCare4U Flood Relief Program.

Under its flood relief assistance programme, OPPO is offering Up to 30 percent discount on all repairs as listed below. The entitlement will be only eligible on a single receipt and it starts on December 26 and ends on January 31, 2022.  

  • 30% price discount on selective spare parts for certain OPPO smartphone model; and/or
  • 20% price discount for courier service (only available for Customer who apply for online send-in repair service).

Users may walk in to the nearest OPPO service centre or My OPPO Space to send in their smartphone for repair. Alternatively, they can also apply for online send-in repair service request at https://support.oppo.com/my/send-in-repair/.

All affected users can contact their preferred OPPO service centre or My OPPO Space, or alternatively connect with our online customer service at https://support.oppo.com/my/service-center/, to enquire on the eligibility of their smartphone model and the availability of spare parts.

To learn more about the terms and conditions, please visit https://support.oppo.com/my/answer/?aid=2045565

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