Join Yuna in Preserving Today for Tomorrow via OPPO’s 2121 Malaysia Future Photography Contest

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  • In OPPO’s latest video, Malaysian global icon Yuna invites Malaysians to join in OPPO’s 2121 Malaysia Future Photography Contest to preserve the sights and moments of today for the generations of the future.
  • Running till 25th June, the contest is open to all Malaysians with prizes worth a total of RM65,000 to be won!

Malaysian singer-​songwriter Yuna is no stranger to creating timeless works of art in the form of music, admired by both current and future generations. Yet, in this video by OPPO, Yuna also wonders whether the beauty of everyday moments that lie in front of her can also be admired by those who will come later – perhaps even those 100 years in the future.

From visiting scenic landscapes and breathtaking cities, to sharing delectable delights with those around us, Yuna yearns to preserve these beautiful memories and share them with those who will come later, just as she does with her music. Now, she is inviting Malaysians to do the same, through OPPO’s 2121 Malaysia Future Photography Contest. The contest encourages us all to look for and appreciate the beauty that is around us every single day, so that our descendants a century from now will be able to appreciate it as we do too.

OPPO’s 2121 Malaysia Future Photography Contest invites all Malaysians to capture the truly beautiful Malaysian sights and moments for our #DearFuture2121. Joining the global community in OPPO’s 2121 Future Photography Project, the contest aims to encourage Malaysians in preserving the beauty of today.

From now till the 25th of June 2021, Malaysians are invited to snap a photo from one of these three categories:

  1. Nature
  2. City / Landscape
  3. Humanity (Portraits / Culture)

Pictures taken are to be uploaded onto Instagram and @OPPOMalaysia must be tagged. The hashtags #DearFuture2121 and #MalaysiaFuture2121 must be included into the captions. Moreover, the hashtag of your chosen category must be included as well (i.e. #DearFutureNature, #DearFutureLandscape, #DearFutureHumanity).

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If you are an OPPO user, OPPO invites you to add the hashtag #ShotOnOPPO too!

OPPO Malaysia’s #DearFuture2121 photography contest will feature many attractive prizes worth a total of RM65,000 to be won, including:

Grand Winners

Winner CategoryPrizeQuantity (Total)
1st PrizeOPPO Find X3 Pro1
2nd PrizeOPPO Reno52
3rd PrizeOPPO Reno5 F3
Consolation PrizeOPPO Band5
Category PrizeOPPO Watch 41mm3
Weekly WinnersOPPO Enco Buds9

Upon completion of the national contest, five ultimate winners will be picked for the ultimate cash prizes:

Ultimate Winners (to be selected from list of Grand & Partnering Media Winners)

Ultimate 1st PrizeRM5,000 Cash
1st Runner UpRM3,000 Cash
2nd Runner UpRM1,500 Cash
4th PlaceRM850 Cash
5th PlaceRM500 Cash

Be a part of this movement along with OPPO and Yuna, as we seek to preserve the things and memories that should never be forgotten. There are plenty of beautiful and uniquely-Malaysian moments happening around us every day, and those who will come after us in 100 years should have the privilege of experiencing these things like we do as well.

For more information about OPPO Malaysia’s 2121 Future Photography Contest, visit:

To know more about OPPO’s global Future Photography Project, visit:

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