Targus Newport Convertible Backpack/Tote Review – Slim And Fashionable

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I love backpacks. Which also means that I love traveling. Having a good and reliable backpack during my daily commute to work plays a role in my comfort and fashion trend, sometimes. I don’t like my backpack to be too big, nor that I like it being too small because I do have to carry my laptop with me. Finding the right size can be a challenge. Things that I need to be in the bag must accommodate to what I need at work – a laptop, the charger for it, my tablet, notepad, a few accessories like earphones, sunglasses and charger for my phone. 

I’m not a fashionable person. But I do like modern and nice-to-look-at things. Once in a while I will reward myself with the finer things money can buy, with the limit to what I can afford of course. With that, I will mix and match with other accessories that will bring my overall look to be, well, fashionable. 

Targus Newport Convertible Backpack/Tote

The new Targus Newport Convertible Backpack is one of those practical fashionable backpacks. By convertible here means, it can be a backpack and a tote bag at the same time, simply by tucking the shoulder strap away into the rear compartment. Why is it fashionable? It is slim and made beautifully while being highly practical. As a tote bag, it suits both men and women alike. I personally like it. 

Now remember when I said about having quite a lot of items that I need for my daily commute to work? The Targus Newport Convertible Backpack is able to fit all that, and it still has a gorgeous slim look to it. My other (laptop) backpacks would look bulky when I have all the items inside, but not the case with the Targus Newport Convertible Backpack. 

The black colour is elegant, sleek and stylish. The outer layer is full black while the inner layer is bright orange. The contrast of the colours made it look even more stunning, in my opinion. It has 5 compartments in total to store your things with shiny chromatic zippers on the front and the top. The rear compartment is where I can tuck the padded shoulder strap away when using it as a tote bag. This compartment is magnetized to keep it close rather than using the zipper. 

Front compartment is smaller than the rear. This is where I keep my most frequently used items such as my iPad and card holder. I would keep thin and slim items in this compartment to retain the slim feel of the whole bag. As for the main compartment, it is accessed from the top and the zipper goes all the way across the top. 

The main compartment is separated into 3 smaller compartments. The one at the rear is a dedicated protective cradle to place a laptop, with a velcro strap to secure the cradle in place. It is nice and padded nicely to keep my laptop safe from light bumps. Come to think of it, the whole layer surrounding the bag is padded, which is nice. 

Targus Newport Convertible Backpack

The front side of the main compartment is the smallest of all. This is where I can store the smaller accessories such as my earphones, sunglasses and portable charger + some charging cables. In between these two compartments is the main and biggest compartment of all. It is also the widest. I store the laptop charger here along with a small bag that I keep some other cables, external and pen drives, wireless earphones and other guy stuffs. 

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Targus Newport Convertible Backpack

When I have all these items in my other laptop backpack, it is very bulky and, I have to say it, ugly too. And then along came this Targus Newport Convertible Backpack that changes everything. Sure it does look a little feminine at first, even my wife thinks so. But after a while, it grows on me. It is more about unisex fashion, made for everyone. My metrosexual best friend would like it too. With his fashionable sense, he can elevate the overall look and practicality of the Targus Newport Convertible Backpack to a whole new level. 

I have always adored the Targus brand. It is one of my long life dreams to have a Targus bag for me to safely keep my laptop and other gadgets. I have always known of the build quality and workmanship from the brand. Hence why it is also not that cheap for most Malaysians. But, you get what you paid for which is quality, durability, practicality and elegance. 

Speaking of quality, the Targus Newport Convertible Backpack is made of high-density water-repellent twill nylon with leatherette accents all over the bag. The first time I touched the bag upon unwrapping it from the delivery package tells me everything about the quality. It is soft to the touch, nicely padded and I love the overall build quality. 

I do have to mention that the Targus Newport Convertible Backpack also comes with a loop strap at the rear. This strap is useful when you’re traveling with a small trolley luggage bag. You can easily place the backpack on top of your luggage by inserting the trolley handle through the loop, preventing the backpack from falling off. You will see this often at the airports and used by most flight attendants. 


I honestly love this backpack. I really love the slim look and feel of this new Targus Newport Convertible Backpack. No matter how many items I placed in the bag, it still looks slim. But I won’t add too many items in the bag because I don’t want to ruin it, plus it will be too heavy for me to have it on my back during lengthy train rides. 

Targus Newport Convertible Backpack

Here are the specification of this Targus Newport Convertible Backpack:

  • Works With
    15″ Laptops and Under
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Protection Level
  • Capacity
    12 Litres
  • Collection
  • Weight
    650 g
  • Dimensions
    32.5 x 12 x 40 cm
  • Laptop Compartment
    35.9 x 24.7 cm
  • Warranty
    Limited Lifetime Warranty

I’m sold. I’m never looking at other brands for my backpacks after this other than for hiking and camping. That is a whole different story. 

If you’re looking for a brand new backpack, I will suggest this new Targus Newport Convertible Backpack/Tote. You will love how slim it is and how fashionable it is. You can also opt to choose one of Targus’s new Newport collections. They have awesome new designs ranging from a larger laptop backpack to a much smaller and slimmer laptop sleeve. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of the quality of Targus.

You can make a purchase for the new Targus Newport Convertible Backpack/Tote from any of the retailers below:

RetailOnline Retailer
Harvey NormanShopee
Parkson Store

Watch the video for Targus Newport Convertible Backpack/Tote:

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