83rd Samsung Brand Shop in Ipoh, Perak, Open Its Doors

Samsung partners up with Simee Electrical Sdn Bhd, offering latest and innovative home appliances to enhance modern and smart living in Ipoh, Perak

Samsung Malaysia Electronics in collaboration with Simee Electrical Sdn Bhd opened their 83rd Samsung Brand Shop in Ipoh, Perak yesterday.

The management team of Samsung was also present at the opening ceremony of the shop, which retails Samsung’s latest collection of innovative home goods that includes Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Smart Monitors, QLED & Lifestyle TVs, Soundbars and more. The opening signifies Samsung’s effort in expanding its reach to other regions in Malaysia with its innovative products and services.

“Samsung Brand Shop is part of our efforts to bring innovative Samsung digital appliances and home entertainment products [to our customers]. Here, customers can select from our range of QLED & Lifestyle TVs, Soundbars, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Smart Monitors and other digital appliances to complete their home. The pandemic over the last two years has restructured and changed our habits and the way we live and work at home – so it is important to us that we continue to serve customers with quality products, services and top-notch retail experience that surpass their expectations,” said Mr. Jimmy Tan (陈志伟), Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Also present at the event was Mr. Toh Chong Huat (涂淙发), Managing Director of Simee Electrical Sdn Bhd. “Samsung Malaysia Electronics has steadfastly supported us since 2008 and moving forward, we can continue to deliver ideal services and product information to our consumers. We hope we can continue to offer Ipoh residents Samsung’s innovative appliances and home entertainment products to enrich their lives” he shared.

Customers will also be entitled to one year of additional exclusive warranty from Samsung when they purchase selected products at any Samsung Brand Shop!

Visit the new Samsung Brand Shop at Grand Simee, Ipoh to check out Samsung’s latest home appliances.

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